Glennville, Georgia

i worked for this co.for 15 years.i like to read some of these dumb complaints you *** send in,because you have no idea want you are just want something for nothing when you start you ***.i have seem it time and time again.they are always bad apples in a barrel and thats true for lowes and its work force,just as with any other company.BUT OVERALL LOWES does try and help and take care of its customers.YOU FEW THAT WANT TO *** AND GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING IN LIFE CAN GO TO ***.you need to get a life.LOWES IS WITHOUT A DOUBT A GREAT COMPANY AND TREAT ITS EMPLOYEES VERY GOOD.most anyone can have a great future with lowes. the only problem they have is dealing with you *** wanting to get something for nothing.


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I totally agree with you they expect a "Just Beacause I'm Alive" Discount.


I bought one Samsung refrigerator and Lowes ended up taking the price of three refrigerators onto my credit card and the original refrigerator ended up with an manufactor defect the store manager blamed me for the whole mess and embarrased me at the store Lowes does not have customer service

I am still waiting for the original refrigerator to be replaced by Lowes


If I owned a company YOU are the LAST person I'd want working in my store...BTW don't they drug test you guys???? Here's a lesson in the workings of the United States Constitution.

Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation! If you don't like it, move to another country.


If you are the usual Lowes employee I can easily understand why the have so many pissed off ex customers...


Go back to school and at least get a 6th grade education.