Greenville, South Carolina
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Recently I took my customer to pick out some upgraded window blinds. After taking a measure.

The sales girl told my customer, they(LOWES) would offer a lifetime warranty on the blinds, but in order to receive a warranty, installation would have to be done by Lowes. They would also have to measure to guarantee accuracy. After my customer recognized me as her contractor, the sales girl continued her spill. Lowes has stolen a job from me and I will from this day on let everone know how Lowes does business.

Lowes will cut your throat.

They made me look incompitant to put in window blinds. I have worked for this family for 12 years.

I asked a Lowes manager why they would stoop to taking jobs away from the people that send them the most business. His response was, sir my hands are tied. We have to do what Lowes corporate tells us to do.

They are told to do whatever it takes to boost sales.

So I will now refuse to purchase anymore from Lowes. However I will make an attempt to let all the Lowes representatives in every store know, about how they steal jobs from contractors.

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Wow sales associate was wrong. Levolor offers a 10 year warranty on blinds. Lowe's if installed by them offers a one year warranty.


After bringing over $80,000. in material sales to Lowes in Morehead City N.C.

last year, the same was done to us. The salesman instead of just excepting the payment for material for our client, proceeded to sell them on Lowes installing his new roof. We have a small business and cannot afford to be undermined, by what is suppose to be a upstanding company.

Very dirty way to do business. :sigh


Try being a better contractor, take the information to the customer to pick out what they want. Be a salesmen, not just a contractor.


Try being an employee of Lowes. Lowes will cut your throat and bleed you dry. Lowes only cares about Lowes.


Try Menards if they are in your area. Rather than competing with contractors who buy from them they allow contractors to display their information in their stores and help you get jobs.