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Will never shop there. I am a general contractor.

Every employee Contracter etc that I do business with cannot bring any supplies from Lowes to the job. They know I want do business with them if any materials come from Lowes. Lowes employees are extremely unprofessional there customer service is worse. I have had to call the the home office on a number of occasions and they are a joke.

You never get anywhere with them. I have taken all my money and my business else where and I’m extremely happy now. Even there competition Home Depot is better. I don’t know what I was thinking giving all my hard earned money to a company that is prejudice, not carrying and unprofessional.

I am even saving money. I use to spend wasted time and energy making complaints to a non carrying company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I hope people avoid using you as a general contractor. If they are suppling the materials they should be able to purchase them wherever they want. As long as the materials are at the job site and you are not picking them up it shouldn't make any difference to you where they came from.

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