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I work at Lowe's in Southport NC. I can't BELIEVE the attitudes some people have. Now,let it be known I bend over backwards and am nice to everyone no matter what but i have to vent.

You lovely customers need to STOP coming in at five till close to do an installed sale. We cannot pull the money from registers till your *** is out of the store and it makes it harder on us.

Another thing, you need to get a clue and a BRAIN and not wait till five till close to return 500 boards of lumber at the RETURN desk. That's what the lumbar area is for,though I doubt they appreciate that either.

And if you DO bring a return,use some brain cells and BRING THE *** RECEIPT! If not you are getting a gift card. But of course you are going to *** and whine and moan about that because most of you no matter how hard we try want MORE MORE MORE sucking us dry like vampires. We are people too. I don't care if you live at St. James. WE MATTER TOO! THINK before you act. Period.

I'm done now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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My favorites are the customer that actually gets pissed because we don't carry the twin male extension cord, that is an extension cord with a male plug on both ends. Or the ones looking for the 3 prong to 4 prong adapter for their new dryer.

Neither of these things actually exist. LOL They are right up there with the board stretcher.


another thing when you bring back the grass seed/ fertilizer throwers that you used to seed your yards ...MAKE SURE to (Wash them OUT) wouldn\'t want another customer who actually wants to purchse something they intend to use several times to see it\'s already been used and returned..might get the impression that the previous customer that purchased it was cheap


well I had a customer come in 5 till 10 with her son who was purchasing a carpet install. First time I've ever seen the woman...had been talking to him and his fiancee for 3 weeks prior about the install and carpet choices and leadtimes.

When she showed up I filled out the contract he signed it and I sold it thru the system. The next thing I know after 10 minutes of contract jots and tittles his mother said they wanted installed in 3 days...wellllllllll he had chosen special order carpet and he and his fiancee were aware of the leadtime of 2weeks. It was already 10:10 and registers were closed so I offered to correct everything first thing in the morning and they could pickout an instock carpet to be installed in 3 days..But what she didn't know the boy and his fiancee had already looked at ionstock carpet and didn't like it. Anyway after she went bonkers I went to my car in the parking lot and this lady was still going ape in the parking lot screaming and grunting like some sort of spastic clown.

Evidently the mother in law had something to prove to her sons fiancee I guess.

I have never seen such a display of lunacy. It also might help after someone asks you 3 times what can they help you with that you actually give them a response associated with retail merchadise you are actually looking for.


So now lowe's is spending money to hire spies to watch the aisles for an employee who does not engage every customer so they can fire them. Now that is not saying they should not be enguaging everyone. But this does not give way to a chance of forgetfulness or accident of missing someone or even the fact you have greeted that person to death already but it means that a spy several aisles away from you can tell if you are speaking with a customer or even greeting them what a *** plan make employees anal about doing the job and fearful each day of on the spot termination


Ok so did we just help the problem with all of this positive talk??? Just curious......

You want change?? Have the courage to "CHANGE" your attitude and lead by

example! :)



Hehe thank you! you read my mind..


Go back to the projects where you belong!


Go to home depot if you have problem with lowes then you'll go back to lowes when you have a problem with home want never be satisfied so go home an cry yourself to sleep.


Sally and Lance,

You miss the point. I don't know what kind of work you do or if you even work.

Think about how you want to be treated when you shop. It doesn't matter what kind of store. Now, think carefully about how you treat the people serving you. YOU may treat the people serving you with some amount of respect but many people shopping do not.

Saphirerain91 is not expecting people to treat her as royalty, she is not even asking people to treat her with respect. She is just asking people to not be disrespectful. Yelling at a cashier (who does not make the rules but must follow them) because you don't like the way the computer system is programed is just ridiculous. What do you expect her to do?.....rewrite the computer code and store policy to accomodate your yelling?

Do you expect the drycleaner to understand how the machines are put together and fix them if they go down? Do you expect the guy who mows your lawn to put together a lawn mower from scratch? Do you expect the pizza delivery guy to 1. fix the ovens if they break and 2.

repair his car himself? Then why do you expect the Lowes associates (or any other retailer) to rewrite the computer program for you? The computer program is what it is. Yelling and being rude to the associates will not give you your cash or whatever else you want.

If you don't like the associates response then ask for someone who has the authority to change it. Bottom line think before you react and be nice. It will get you a lot farther. Many of these associates have the same frustration you do and really do want to help you get the results you want.

Do you really think they want to be screamed at? It doesn't matter if you work a job for $5 an hour or $100. All any of us want to do is come to work, do our best and go home to take care of our families.

All of us want to be treated nicely or at the very least fairly. Remember that before you rush to hurtful words and nasty behavior.

@Been There Done That

Yes , You are soooooooo right. Most customer are good but you have some that are just plain ***.

Either they have money and think they are better than you are or just lead a miserable life and want to bring you down too.

I dont let them get to me anymore. I have worked at Lowes for ten years now and feel it is time for a change.


Your welcome S! Unless people have been there, they just do not get it. I challenge anyone that thinks that these people are parasites go out and get one of these parasitic job for a few weeks and see who the parasite really is.


My experience has revealed there are some people that are insecure with themselves or they "think" they have a little $$$ so that in turn requires the world to cater to them and they treat others as if they were beneath them. :roll Truth be told, people who have worked these jobs or people that DO in fact have any decent amount of $$$ usually do not treat people poorly. Most crawled though lowly parasitic jobs working for greedy individuals or corporations that denied offering any benefits so they could lined their own pockets. Some people have been there so they do not treat others poorly. Those that ride the coattails of their parents $$$, were handed $$$ from family or just live a lifestyle on plastic (credit cards) in my experience behave poorly. I have run into the occasional self made, independently wealthy ***hole too. ;)


THANKS WHOA!!! :) :grin :grin


Sally, there are people that have Masters Degree that I know that have lost their GOOD PAYING, WHITE COLOR, 6 -FIGURE, ELITIST jobs and had to slum it by taking a job at local home improvement centers, retail shops and the like. Not their fault, just the way the economy is.

I also have friends with college age kids that work these jobs, so maybe they are getting an education while servicing some pompous, self righteous, selfish, better than most of the population, it is all about me minded customers.

Lance, to write such a post may be a reflection of ignorance, arrogance or stupidity. Whatever the case, I am sorry and apologize on your behalf for anyone that has any sort of contact with you. Those same people you may look at as being a "parasite to those that want to do better" may be the same people that mow your lawn, care for your kids, change your oil, clean your home, sell you clothing, check you out at the grocery store.

If not them, who would? You would need to! I hope that you are NEVER in a position where you would need to lower your standards and swallow that pride in needing to accept such a job to pay your mortgage or put food on the table for your family. In this current business environment where people are still losing jobs, GOD HELP YOU.

No one is immune. I have seen hot shot attorneys foreclose on homes, doctors that downsized their homes and their wives having to get a job (being a "parasite to those that want to do better" Ha, they may drive a better car than you do! An MD's wife is a cashier at the local grocer & drives a brand new Jag so go figure!) I know people with JD's that are scraping by working these jobs.

In closing, I hope your cleaning lady never gets a hint of your real feelings (working for minimum wage and no benefits, continuing being a parasite to those that want to do better), She just may use your toothbrush to scrape your toilet bowl. :eek Get a grip, you are NO better than anyone else.


RIGHT ON Head Cashier!!!! :grin :grin :grin


The employee's of Lowes are just a reflection of their company. Poor attitudes, NO customer service, poor screening of subcontractors, dumb cashiers, and returned products back on the shelves because of a no care attitude.

Just keep on bit*chen and let see how Low Lowes can go.

@Another so called loser

Are you serious? It's likely entitled, selfish customers like you who make retail a living ***.

Employees, especially at the retail level (not management), do NOT have any control over the following: what is stocked, what the hours of operation are, what the prices are nor the policies.

Frankly, if you don't know what to do when you can't find a red vest, then I'm surprised you were even able to drive to the store by yourself.


You forgot to mention the person that comes in at five minutes to closing with five gallons of custom paint that didn't look right once they painted half their bedroom and wants a refund.

Or the one that brings in a shower head for a refund after putting it up and not liking the way it works. When you explain that Lowe's doesn't sell products manufactured exclusively for Wal-Mart. You get an ear full about bad customer service.

Lastly, my favorite. The customer that made a large cash purchase and refused to give their phone number at the register and gets upset that they are getting Merchandise Credit instead of cash back. The phone number really is to look up your purchase if you don't have your receipt!!

There, I am done venting now.



On behalf of consumers, I apologize. The fact that you do not understand the criticality of customer service in the current business environment is underscored by the fact you work for a big box retailer for minimum wage and no benefits. Please continue to be a parasite to those that want to do better.


You're the one that's "dumb and sucky" beacuse it's you that's working at Lowe's. Get an education and maybe you wouldn't have to deal with losers like the one's mentioned in your posting. I do understand your frustration though.