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I have experienced Lowes' customer non-service for 15 years or more. Started with being completely ignored by every employee who passed me, so 86 Lumber got my order for materials to build a storage shed in my back yard.

Since then, virtually every time I go into a Lowes store, the employees have many things to do - but none of them have anything to do with making sure my needs are being met. Today was the same, and was my last trip to a Lowes store. Home Depot employees are actually helpful and actually interested in making your shopping trip a good experience. Maybe Lowes should try that approach sometime.

They also don't provide a way to communicate to their customer service people thru their website.....at least no way that I could find. Could it be that they prefer not to hear our thoughts & opinions?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Steve B sorry buddy but Lowe’s doesn’t come here to comment. Anyone commenting is a consumer like yourself.

To accuse them of working for Lowe’s because they have told you it’s self service only goes to show your problems. They are right, it hasn’t been full service for a long time. It’s all self service. The reason is customers don’t want help, that is until they want help.

It’s a catch 22. They have to balance their labor hours daily vs how much they bring in. If you need help or have a question I have found that going to the help desk is the fastest way because they will page an employee to the area you need them.

Good for you that you no longer go to a self service store. I’m sure you’re much happier at your new store.

to Durpa #1445065

Sorry I have an opinion different than yours. You don't tolerate that very well, obviously.


What part of "self service home improvement warehouse store" do you not understand? 86 lumber is a "full service" business, that's why you get "full service" from them.

to Anonymous #1444764

So you must be one of the non- service people running around Lowe's in a vest, huh? Hit a nerve, did I?

You should ask a member of Lowes management. I'd bet they'll tell you it's VERY important that their people deliver great service.

If not, there really isn't any point to the surveys they always want you to take. Now, what part of that do you not understand?


Do you complain about the lack of service at Target? Doubt it, there isn't any.

Same concept, they put it on the shelf, you pick it out and take it to the register and buy it. Sure, Lowes has a few departments that require the assistance of a salesperson...shop for what you need and then ask someone to write it up for you.

to Anonymous #1444769

Try Home Depot sometime. Know what you'll get?

Customer service. There goes your theory, I guess.

to Steve B #1445047

No better service at Home Depot than Lowes unless you shop on a weekend morning. Seem to be the only time they have enough staff that they will offer assistance.


You are shopping in a big box, self service store. If you need help, ask for it.

to Anonymous #1444770

So then, they ask you to take the surveys (including questions about customer service) for no good reason? That's a bit callous of them, don't you think?

to Steve B #1445345

Having worked for one of the other big box stores I can tell you they all claim to offer great service in their advertising but that's about as far as it goes. They all compete on price.

There are a few ways to get your price lower. Beat up on the vendors to lower price and they have done that well, lower quality, and they are doing that and the big one is keeping payroll costs down. They schedule fewer people than they have in the past, their pay is less that what a full service store would pay and the accept rapid turnover as part of keeping pay low. It's hard to train people when the person training the new employee also has to help customers , keep the floor stocked and clean at the same time.

It's hard to do all these things at once and what happens is that customer service suffers. Your choice is to shop a full service store or accept the fact that you will have to look for and ask for help in a big box store.


Why do you keep going there ? : don't you even know what you're looking for ? : the aisles are clearly marked ...

to Upton #1444775

C'mon....grow up. I had technical questions about an offering of theirs, but no one wanted to hear it. And I'm happy to say I DON'T shop there any more.

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