I asked for and received a 10 percent discount on a duplex remodel project. The Manager apparently berated his Asst.

Mgrs. for giving the discount and two of them implied I was doing something wrong by using my Lowes credit card that gives an automatic 5 percent. I refused to accept these accusations and returned the merchandise (hundreds of dollars), and cancelled my Lowes card. They get their 10 percent back and I will shop elsewhere.

Strange..... I think Lowes has gotten to big for its britches, as I know they give discounts all the time to the major builders, etc.

But they seemed miffed when I sought it (but after the fact). Again, strange .........

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Remodeling.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Why did the associate give you the 10% discount in the first place? Are you military? Because that is the only reason I know that they give 10% discount.

Now, we were wrong for accusing you of doing something wrong by paying with the Lowes card unless the 10% discount was hinged on doing it all in cash.


It's very hard to understand what you wrote. I think you need to go back to grade school.

With that being said you need to get over yourself.

Like the person said below would you be so willing to give others a 10% discount when it came to you making money? You clearly did not qualify for the discount so DEAL.


Why do you feel entitled to 10% off in the first place???? Does your tenants who rent your duplex ask for a discount, would you give it to them.

I highly doubt it. So please step down from your pedestal.

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