Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

On Memorial Day my wife and I decided to go shopping for a long awaited home improvement to replace our entire kitchen and flooring for the first floor in our home. In other words we are starting to remodel our home.

We walked into the Lowes Robinson Town Center store near Pittsburgh, excited over the prospects of what we could do, and check book in hand. That is until we met Bob in the kitchen area. Who was introduced to us as the Kitchen and Flooring Expert. He was not only condisending, but he was rude.

He treated us like we were dumb and was less than helpful. I am no EXPERT when it comes to home improvement. That is why I went to Lowes. My wife and I were with my inlaws.

My father in law is a stroke victim and we brought him in his wheel chair. Did he think we weren't serious? He treated us like ***! We all felt so put off by this man's treatment that we walked out of the store after he decided to take a personal cell phone call.

We will be taking our business somewhere else. Its a shame. We were prepared to do a one stop shop for our needs. We also plan on replacing the upstairs bathroom this year.

Lowes will not be an option. We will be visiting the Home Depot this week. I am certain they will want to do business with us. With today's economic climate, it amazes me that people in business allow their employees to behave this way.

Too bad the show "Undercover Boss" hasn't been in to that Robinson Store. In the meantime, I tried calling the Lowes store to voice my displeasure. I called 3 times for a manager, only to have it ring forever.

Companies like this do not deserve my business. Bad service all the way around!

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Your review was many years ago and I just read it and had to share my similar experience I had at the same Lowes in Robinson Twp. I feel the same way as you when you stated "Undercover Boss" should go there, and many other places, and how it's amazing companies allow their employees to treat customers that way. My experience wasn't going to cost as much as yours but it involved a simple question and that was all.

I was doing some work on my home, there were some cracks in a porch wall which is made up of concrete blocks with different color concrete slabs on top as a banister, they aren't load bearing walls. I had a small cart, I looked around for a little bit, as 3 employees stood in plain site of me yet no one offered assistance, no big deal. Then two of them walked by me as I was grabbing a bag of mortar and put it on the cart and laughed because I put only one bag on the cart and said "I don't know why he just doesn't carry it". First of all it weighs 60lb, second, the bag is made of paper, third, why would i want to have that mortar dust all over me? I shot them a dirty look and proceeded up to the desk.

I grabbed a bag of mortar because I have what's called a grout bag and I needed something that could be used in that which the material needs to contain no sand, rocks, etc. I had bought a bucket of Quikrete concrete for another similar job at home and it worked with the grout bag perfectly because it was powder. I bought that at Home Depot actually. It's expensive for a 20lb bucket compared to a 50 or 60lb bag of something else. I needed a good bit so a large bag would be more cost efficient. I do know home remodeling but it has been a long time since I dealt with mortar and grout and I wasn't sure which I should get or would my only choice be buying more 20lb buckets of the Quikrete I had before. So I went up to the counter in the masonry department with only a single bag of mortar on it and asked my question and added an explanation of why I needed something with no grit or sand in it. The supervisor or manager, not sure exactly which title he holds but for certain it was one of those considering how he was talking to the cashier which was a bigger guy and took his talking down to by the guy with no expression. He (the one talking down to the cashier) was the one I asked and explained everything to in a short form since I said "Excuse me, I have a quick question" and he leaned on the desk with his arm, tilted his head and gave me this look yet said nothing. I told him the main thing is I need something with no sand or grit in it just like the Quikcrete cement I had before but was wondering if mortar or grout would be the same powder form or just stick with the Quikcrete cement. He said grout has sand in it, mortar does not. I said "Oh ok, so mortar doesn't have any sand at all in it so that would be what I need because I need to put it in a grout bag and squirt in into small cracks to seal them?", his expression never changed and he said "Yes". I said thank you and proceeded to the register right by the counter. I wheeled out the cart to my car, popped my trunk and another employee was going to his car that happened to be parked next to mine. He said "You need help with that?" and started to laugh and walked away. I take it since it was only one bag and I had it on a small cart, the employees at Lowes think a person should carry it. I work smarter, not harder. Nobody with any common sense would carry a 60lb bag or mortar and get it all over them. By that point I was ready to go in there and start smacking the taste out of every one of their mouths. Who do these people think they are talking to people like that? But of course, I didn't because I would be labeled the bad guy and I would be the one the police would be arresting if I did what I wanted to do....actually what SHOULD be done.

I get home, open the bag to start mixing.......the mortar is probably around 70 to 80% SAND. I was pissed. Not only did the guy have the biggest attitude but he lied, plain and simple and the smart mouth employees obviously follow his lead on how to treat customers. I emailed Lowes and told them of this experience and how when I come back I am going to confront that *** and be just as respectable to him as he was to me. What is Lowes response? Nothing. I called to talk to someone about the same incident, my calls get mysteriously disconnected while I wait.

If you get updates on your review I want to say I feel for you and again I agree with you on how companies/employers seem to allow their employees to talk to customers anyway they want and nothing is done about it. I hope your remodel went well and happy to hear Lowes did not get a penny of it.


I had a similar experience at the Lowe's in Durham NC on Fayetteville Rd . It was in the gardening center and has left a bad impression on me.

The staff was unbelievable rude, immature, and it was amazing that they thought they could get away with it. One "staff" person thought he was funny by driving the fork lift just inches away from me, then laughing with his coworker about it.

I spoke to a manager who was actually pleasant, but have visited this location again and haven't seen any changes. I'll be taking my money to another store where the employees know how to treat a customer with respect.