Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Today I went to Lowes on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg Pa. I asked for a veteran discount and showed my DD-214 (discharge papers) and a document from the Veterans Administration showing that I am a disabled vet. Yet those documents and a drivers license were not enough to get a discount. Whatever they were looking for was not given to us in the 60's. Those 3 together are enough to get a vet into the American Legion and the VFW. Lowes will never see me again and I will discourage everyone I talk to about shopping there. I am -

Tom Rizzutto

607 Bay Street, Mechanicsburg Pa 17050.

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There seems to be a confusion about the Military discount policy at Lowes. As stated in the policy.

The year-round Military discount at Lowes is for Active Military, Immediate family of active military, retired military, and disabled veterans. Therefore the only IDs accepted per policy are VA cards, retired military cards, Valid active/dependant cards. As those are the only photo ids that are consistant with the policy. The discount is opened up to all veterans on other select times of the year i.e.

Memorial day weekend, veterans day weekend.

4th of July weekend and such. During those times a DD2 14 are accepted with a drivers license.


Mr. Rizzuto - I'm sorry for the disrespect you encountered both here on this forum and at Lowe's.

You see, anonymous cowards like RetailCop and Heartless need to feel like big men by posting insults to others. Imagine how petty and pathetic their lives are.

They are to be pitied. I for one thank you for your service and apologize that some of the people you fought to protect are total wastes.


Send me your receipt and I'll send you the $1.30 you would have saved.


*** you heartless. Your living because of vets. You need to be slapped in the face a few times.Hide behind a computer talking chit doesn't make you so special.


A DD-214 isn't an accepted form of proof. And the cashiers make far ABOVE minimum wage at Lowe's.


A DD 214 is not among the documents accepted for a vet's discount. I believe they accept a VA card or a military ID.

Thanks for your service; however, a cashier isn't going to break the rules and possibly lose their job for you can get a measly 10% discount. You follow rules in the military and in your job, right?


Voice of reason you're clearly a conservative. I suggest you look up Menards on here and see all the veteran cry about not getting a 10% discount at that store anymore.

Want to know why they don't offer it anymore A VOICE OF REASON CAME ALONG CALLED EQUAL RIGHTS. Veterans are no more special then any other working citizen including teachers/policemen/firefighters/doctors/janitors whoever else you want to thank for making this country what it is. Joining the military is nothing more then a career choice. My grandpa, my dad, my uncle, my other uncle who died in Vietnam and my brother are or have been in the military.


They didn't join because they felt they should get special treatment afterwards. THEY LAUGH AT ALL THESE CLOWNS DISRESPECTING THE USA and there career choice.


I hope you are just trolling because that is really ***.


Oh my goodness. BETTER not go to Menards then because you will find out they don't even offer a veteran discount.

You want to know why? BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL.

Just because you chose a certain career does not mean you're entitled to certain discounts. Doctors/Teacher/Fire Fire fighters/ Policemen none of them get a discount and none of them cry about it, but the ex military cry about it 24/7 what a bunch of self entitled idiots.