Monroe, North Carolina

I purchased a new washer & dryer at Lowes in Monroe, NC. I was going to have them delivered.

When she told me cannot deliver until Tuesday, I decided to pick them up. (They guarantee next day

delivery.) Went back to get. Took more than 20 mintues to bring to front of store. Then they tried to give me the floor model.

It was broken. Then they said they would go to another store and get me the washer & deliver & set it up. Well 4 hours later, I am still waiting. Customer service sucks at Lowes.

I will be going to Home Depot from now on.

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You can't make customers like you happy. Just to let you know when you throw a fit and scream and ***, we are all watching the tapes laughing at you in the back... Go to home depot you piece of trash...


?!?!?!?! is completely wring.

If a Lowes employee is in the middle of doing something for a customer, they should tell the next customer "I will be with you in a moment" or have then use one of the phones or buzzers to get help.... The first customer is the one who should get served first.

Just common sense. Good training would show Lowes employees how to fend off interruptions in a way that keeps everyone happy.


I currently work at lowes and i understand that you as a customer you do not see the behind the scences and do not understand what our in stock shelves look like in the back. More than likely the associate helping you with your products was walking to the back to retreive your order and in the process was stopped by another customer and he continued to assist them as you would expect him to do for you.

once he finally got free to head to the back he probably had to find a forklift and pull the product off the shelf and then he would have had to find a dolly and wheel it to the front which he could have also been stopped by a customer. im sorry that you were being impatient that day and that associate was doing his job by providing customer service, it just so happened that you were selfish and that service was not directed soley towards you.

next time you come to the store please head to the customer service desk and tell them your name and we will ensure we have some cheese to go with your wine. have a nice *** day!

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