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I contracted with Lowes to replace and install a new backsplash in my kitchen. The day they showed up I mentioned that I was suing the company that put in the previous backsplash.

The worker called Lowes, excused himself to go to his vehicle, then disappeared. I called Lowes to find out what was going on and the install manager told me that they could not do my backsplash until my lawsuit was settled. I told them that all the evidence for the lawsuit was saved and they would not harm anything, but he argued that their policy is to not do anything when a lawsuit is pending. I then called the Lowes home office and explained that I had a contract which the local Lowes office signed and that I would sue them for breach of contract if they did not begin immediately.

They agreed and a week later two more guys showed up and dropped off all the materials and said they did not know that the countertop was new and didn't feel comfortable working around a new quartz countertop. They left and I expected someone to come the following day. This was already two weeks past the original start date. Finally two guys came and took out the old backsplash and started to put in the new.

Days went by between them coming to work and it took them almost a month to do a job which they said would take two or three days. Still they put the tile higher around the window than on the sides. I asked why and they blamed each other for not paying attention. So now I have waited another two months to get the window area fixed.

The called yesterday and said they would be here in two weeks. Aargh (not really the word I wanted to use) but I DO NOT recommend Lowes installation of tile in Spokane.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Backsplash Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I don't think I would be real eager to work for someone that just told me they were suing someone else over the work they were having me replace. You may well be one of those people that makes a living off suing people or are so hard to please that working for you would just be a big PITA.


Uh, why would anyone want to do work for you? I sure as *** wouldn't. Think about it.

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