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I bought the Troy-Bilt FLEX power base and mower attachment. It wasn't in stock and it took them more than 30 days to deliver the darn thing.

First time I used it, it got slower and slower when I would pull the throttle, to the point where it is entirely pushed by me...that was the first time I used it & I have less than 3/4 of an acre to mow. Second time I used it, the PTO got stuck engaged and would not disengage - something snapped in there, it spins freely even though the cable is stuck in the engaged position...I can't use the thing anymore, it's now worthless. Lowe's wont take it back and Troy Bilt won't authorize the return, they want me to let someone at Lowe's fix it.

Last outdoor power equipment purchase I make from lowe's. By the way - this is a $1,400 mower setup, used it twice & now I'm back to my old push mower that I bought in 2006.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Why is it worthless? There is a manufacture warranty that covers the repairs for DEFECTS in the product.

Just like a new car warranty. They will repair your car if something goes wrong.

They won't give you a refund or replace it. If you did something like failing to put oil in it or used stale gas, expect to be charged as that is not a defect in the product.