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On July 4th in the evening our whirlpool dryer broke - no heat. We purchased the dryer for $673.20 on 10/4/08, model #WED8300SW.

Along with the purchase in good faith of them standing behind their product, we additionally purchased a 4 year extended warranty for $99.97. First thing on July 5th we called the extended warranty department and was initially told they couldn't come out until July 10th, I felt that was a long time to wait - we have a family of 5 doing an average of 2 loads of laundry per day!! They found an appointment for me on July 8th between the hours of 12 & 5. I took the day off of work and the gentleman (Dorsey).

I called Mr. Dorsey myself and was told that Lowes never emailed him the information to service our dryer. He stated that he could come service our dryer on Wednesday the 10th at 2pm. I took another day off of work, Mr.

Dorsey never showed again!!!! I left him 2 messages with no return call. I the extended warranty department and was told that now that it is Wednesday and nearing the end of another week, the soonest they could get someone to come now to service our dryer was on the 18th or 19th of July. I set up the appt for the 18th - was never sent an email confirming this appt yet again!!!

I called the manager (Ryan) at our local Lowe's in Dickson City, PA and was told he would see what he could do. He calls me back and states that he called the extended warranty department and that Mr. Dorsey would be calling me to come for service sooner - well of course Mr. Dorsey never called again!!

I then proceeded to call and speak with a supervisor at the warranty department and was told no one was available and would call me back shortly and again I never got that call either!! On July 11th I called the warranty department again and insisteed on speaking with the supervisor and after insisting on holding, several minutes later, a supervisor came to the phone and basically said there was nothing they could do more than schedule service. I insisted on speaking with coporate and was connected with the Customer Care Center and was told that the best thing to do was to file an official complaint and I would be contacted back within 24 hours. Well again that phone call never came!!!

I called back on July 12th and got the run around and again and after being transferred to several people was connected with Sarah, she states she is in the executive department of Lowes under the President. Explained my situation to her and she told me she would investigate and call me back. When she called me back, she basically said the best option she could do was to have Lowes come pick up our dryer on the 14th and sevice would be done at Lowes on the 17th and they would return to us. I expressed that I have lost 2 days of work up to this point due to the no show's of Mr.

Dorsey in additiion to the time away from my family and the extra money I had to pay to take my clothes to the laundry mat to have them dryed!!! In total I have lost around $450 due to loss time at work and laundry expenses!! She basically told me that they do not compensate for lost work time. I requested them giving us a new dryer and was told that wasn't going to happen- her words were "you are not getting a new dryer" that we didn't qualify for one under the terms of the warranty.

We were sickened by the thought of a large company of this manner allowing their company to make numerous errors with hiring incompentent contractors for their service work and allowing their upper management to just ignore phone calls of their customers.

I then sent an email to the president expressing my concerns on the 14th of July and on July 15th of course I had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah again. I told her that since I lost 2 days of pay due to the contractor not showing up - no my fault - I was at my home waiting for service that we wanted to be compensated with a refund on our warranty or a gift card to the store and was rudely denied!!

Monetary Loss: $450.

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I can assure you that you are not the only wallflower at this dance. I used to work for an appliance company.

They have a real hard time finding competant service repairmen because in contract corporations will only pay about half of what it costs us to hire a service repairman. My ex-company had to hire a person who's job was to call thousands of SRC's asking if they would join. Only 1 in 20 would even entertain reading our contract.

If you want my advice, buy a used machine at a garage sale (50 bucks) and hire a local independant service repairman to fix it if it even needs repair. Most people throw away good appliances because of a operating error.

The SRC will charge 175 dollars plus the part.

Your clothes will never know the difference and you'll have more cash for clothes! :zzz