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I placed order for 655 Dog ear fence boards on May 4th. 570 were delivered on May7th and was told the store would have the other 85 in a week or so and it would be delivered then.

I waited and after 2 weeks tried contacting store multiple times. After no contact I drove to another store a purchased the other fence boards to finish project.

Ive talked with online Cust service to cancel remaining 85 and get a refund but they send me to local store. Ive spoken to 4 people at local store and they cant cancel pending order and will not contact me back. Please help me in canceling remaining fence boards I didnt receive and refund.

Ive exhausted all avenues I know and have now spent over 4 hours on phone, and driven over 3 hours to pick up boards that Ive already paid to have delivered. with no help

Location: 3440 Lowes Drive, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

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If you paid with a credit card contact the credit card company and dispute the charges for the 85 boards they haven't delivered.

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