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I received a card good for 10 % off , up to $ 5000 valid till May 31, 2018!

I called my local store and talked to customer service who KNEW NOTHING..!

I asked to speak to the appliances dept who was NOT SURE..!

I called another store in my vicinity and demanded to speak to the manager on duty....she KNEW NOTHING..!!

I started to chat with Vernon who told me about a 5 % discount now in place but, he too KNEW NOTHING about the 10 % and he told me to try on site (my store is in Farmington MO)

the card I got says and I quote

"10 % OFF ..LOWE'S (logo)

your next purchase

Limit one coupon per customer

Valid through May 31, 2018

card number 470104168407444" end quote

what is going on in your customer service dept..??

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Stores are not told about coupons being mailed. There is no notification system for such things. Quite frankly, not sure what you're complaining about.


It's pretty simple actually. Lowe's contracted with a third party to do a promotion and they mailed you a discount card.

The people in the stores probably never knew about it because it is a nationwide direct mail offer.

The stores don't know about promotions unless they are told about them and they obviously weren't told about this one. Get a clue about how large companies do their marketing and maybe it will make sense to you.


What's so hard to understand. Hand it to the cashier the next time you go in and make a purchase. They will deduct 10% off the total bill for a maximum of $500 off a $5,000 purchase.