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I am a terrific customer, 52 years of age,, my husband and I visit Lowes almost every week,, I am ALWAYS on time with my payment,, I ALWAYS over pay my bill,,,,, always shopping at Lowes , I called to express my interest in lowering my interest,, would not even give me the time of day,,, New River Building Supply beside Lowes Hardware will get my terrific business,,,, LOSING A VALUABLE CUSTOMER, check my record. I am extremely disappointed in your company and the disregard for what I wanted.

thank you.. Sharon C Sells,,,,, have a great day..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Lady in customer service.

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Why don't people understand that store cards always have a higher interest rate. Get a low rate Visa or Master Card and use it.

Sure they run no interest deals if you pay it of in a certain number of months, but how to you think the credit company makes any money doing that? They charge a high interest rate to those who carry a balance or don't get their big purchase paid off during their no interest term.


I had the same experience. As soon as its paid off, I'll go back. I will start going to Home Depot instead.

to Anonymous #1462061

And you think Home Depots credit company is going to give you a lower rate?

Florida, United States #929739

Oh dear Lord Satan! the world is ending!

You understand that Private label credit card (store cards) are not really own by the retailers right? these cards are owned by a investment firms which own the accounts as part of their financial portfolios.

Lowering your interest has nothing to do with you being 52-years old. Over paying (who actually does that???) or being a loyal guest does not entitle you to get your demands like a 5-year old who wants some ice cream or else she'll scream from the top of her lungs.

Dear God, the entitlement issues of White America are outrageous....

to Perrey #1140007

Why make the racist comment? The racist comment is whats outrageous. Sad


Yet another person that doesn't understand how credit cards work. If you look at your account you will find you don't send your payments to Lowes.

You send it to a bank or credit company. Lowes doesn't offer credit. You are using a credit card that is only good at Lowes and has their name on the card but your account is with another company. Lowes has nothing to do with your interest rate.

If you didn't like the interest rate you should have never applied for the card.

Store cards are usually at a much higher rate than you can get a Visa or Master Card for. Only use a store card for their no interest promos and pay it off when due.

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