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I rent out houses so I frequent Lowe's about 2 or 3 times a week. Upon checking out, I realized I couldn't find a portion of my money. My total was 21.34 and I had 21.00 in my hand.The cashier told me that she didn't care if it was 10 cents and suggested I ask someone in the store for the change.It should come as no surprise that I am black.I spend at least 30,000 dollars a year at the Lowe's on the beltline in Mobile,Al and I was turned away for 34 cents.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

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This is not about you being black, this is about you not having enough change.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #188852

I am from Canada. I dont have to like you at all and Unite with you. ***.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #188851

You should be all ashamed of yourselves. Today is September 11th.

Nine years ago we were attacked by terrorists. Instead of bashing and hating blacks we need to Unite as a country and treat each other nicely.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #188843

In another complaint when a wal-mart cashier allowed her purchase 23 cents short she accused her of racism because she claimed the cashier thought she was homeless and had a poor job because she is black.


I am black or white or green or who gives a ***. I can't believe that the color of your skin even comes to play in this post.

The way I see it, you want Lowes to give you $485. If you honestly do spend $30000 a year at lowes and you average $21.34 at each visit, but you only want to spend $21, then that means you will make about 1428 visits to lowes in a year. If you expect them to give you $0.34 every time then it comes out to $485.52.

Yes it sucks that you went to Lowes and created a bill you couldn't afford, but don't blame the company for your shortcomings. How about this why don't you send me $425 and we'll call it even.


These "4" *** are just one who had made a fool of himself/herself and just can't let it go. Get a life!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #187753

It happens all the time. Someone posts a letter.

They post things most people don't agree with, create another account, agree with themselves pretending to be someone else. Eventually screw up, get caught. Usually after this they stop posting but Rainta just wants to be heard. The real weak person here is not everyone, but Ranita/Rainta/wow25/wow25!!(all the same person).

Weak because they have to create more than one identity to make it look like people are siding with them, and weak that they have to attack a 12 year old online when he is right and she is wrong. You are weak Ranita and all your other identities.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #187751

When someone makes a fool of themselves, then continues to argue making them more foolish. Instead of admitting that she is Ranita.

Ranita makes another account pretending to be somewhere else.

When caught because the other person spoke in first person form she claims she is being impersonated and using both accounts to lash out. She is too angry to make sure she is using the correct account.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #186051

Thank you Wow25!!, I have always appreciated your support. These loser refuse to see the isssue as you we see it.

It is not about the 34 cents it is about the fact that the manager had me beg for 34 cents. No way these crackers would give a white person a nickel much less 34 cents, they are all racist. Only you can see my letter and read between the lines. That *** "don't be fooled Kelvin" is a fool.

They think they are smart but they are just plain dumb white trash. Just like Zachary, Trevor, Irish and all the other posters.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #186050

You idiots, like I said my login name is wow25!!! not Wow 25.

Also Trevor is a racist *** even though he is standing up for us.

Ranita and I are completely two different people. Someone is pretending to be us to make us look bad.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #186048

We assume you are Ranita because you slipped up. In your last post gave it away.

Now that you are caught you are making excuses.

"Both" Wow25, an ranita have the same attitude towards whites, both have claimed to have people using their names falsly. Both think that they are in the right and everyone else is wrong. Both think their views are more important than others.

There are many common things towards "both" you posters. "Both result to childish name calling." What is truely disgusting is that you are pretending to be two different people, and nor respecting other people's views. Trevor is being nice to the "two" of you and you are asking why he is so interested in your post. Just because he does not think this is racism does not mean him or any other people should not be interested in this letter.

If you or "Ranita" as you use as well don't want people responding to your letter have it removed. It took you a good three days to come up with a reply to where you goofed up.


Let me start off with saying "you people are disgusting!"You assume I'm Ranita because its too hard for your weak minds to fathom that someone else would actually agree with her instead of playing follow the leader like the rest of you! FYI this copycat wow25 is a joke...if all of you take a closer look at the name you would see that my log in name is wow25(!!!) not wow25. and I have not posted anything since 8-30-2010.But since I've just called this copycat out with their dumb *** I'm sure they will correct their error the next time.

So don't be fooled Kelvin your really smart (NOT)Your a *** who wants to be smart but your so far from it! and Its obvious, its obvious to me that your as dumb as your simple sentences!

Who did enlighten me was Trevor because you said that this is not the first time someone has impersonated another person on her before. That maybe true but the fact remains I don't like the simple mindedness that everyone seems to have, and the games you all play. Why are you so engrossed with Ranita's post?

Let me tell you a little something about me the real wow25!!! I'm not Ranita because if I had written the same post and some freaking rednecks started attacking me...I would have cursed everyone out who tried to attack me like. The poster who called her a N***** just because she her ground,I would have really hurt your feelings!All of you on her are a joke and I don't time to finger wrestle with any of you ignorant people! So FYI this will be my last post because this hatred is beneath me and so are all of you!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #184299

No I am not ranita. I am just defending her when everyone is bashing her.

The cashier at Lowes had no right to ask her to beg for money from whites. First of all a white would never give blacks a dime. They are that hateful.

Second this makes blacks look less important than they are. That is exactely what the cashier was doing when she asked me to beg for money.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #183653

If she said she did not post the rude comments maybe she did and maybe she did not. We don't know for sure but let's take her word for it because this sort of thing has happened before on here.

Ranita, I don't think they are doing this to make you look bad, they just want attention, or you could be right about them making you look bad or it could be both. Just see if you can change your username somehow.

Others when they had this problem did this. I think you have to edit your profile or something.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #183650

That you are wow25. There is a post under her name saying.

"Thanks for agreeing with me, ranita25" Explain that. Instead of admitting your mistake you deny it when caught. Then you say just look at the language. Her language is no different than yours.

You say you are not racist, but neither is the cashier. Only a few posters are racist. But Zachary, Irish as you claimed are racist are not.

The cashier is not. Seriously grow up for someone who is 28 you sure act like a school girl.


Not a race issue,You start off by saying -you people.I love it.You have made my point!!Did you say racism disappeared in the 60's.It made it illegal.DRUGS are illegal,right?You just hide it.You say I had only two options.I had the option to call a manager.What do you think the manager's job is?Please post no more than two lines next time.You also say figure of speech is unacceptable behavior for an educated woman but you say country words like Gosh.You watch a lot of the andy griffin show.I get it.I have nothing to prove to a racist and my life says it all.If I say a post is not mine then at least consider it you racist.


Trevor you made a good point.Her customer service skills could need an adjustment.I have been told that the proof is in the pudding and my pudding was sour!


Kevin,kevin,kevin-I can assure you I'm not wow25.It is easy for an account to be created but it is hard to impersonate me.Consider my language I requested.You claim you knew this and that but I made the entire page aware of the problem at hand.I stand behind each post with confidence.There is passion in my post.I created my complaint because I didn't feel the cashier treated me fairly.It was her tone and demeanor when I simply asked for a manager.She told me to search the store and maybe someone would give it to me.I felt that was rude and why would anyone be rude to a loyal customer?Kevin,you tell me.I CAN HANDLE THE UGLY POST although you say no one is attacking me-I see nigg-- on several post.Is that an attack?My mother who did a wonderful job raising me didn't create my brain.I am not a racist.I am against it in fact but whites have hid behind a mask for too long.Not one white have said anything against the people who said *** because they are all thinking it.You may not even hate us but can you love us.Can we get equality? ***,can I get a manager?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #183385

It is obvious that Ranits is wow25. She just created another account and forgot which account she was on.

Ranita, no one needs to make you look bad. You are making yourself look bad. However like Kevin said. Just like Ranita has the right to express herself so does everyone else.

Also Ranita aka wow25, if you read the comments you would know that people are replying to what happened, however this three year old trapped in a 28 year old's body refuses to see what other's are saying. I have children of my own and I always taught them to admit the truth when they make a mistake. No one taught this to Ranita. What is fishy aboiut this whole incident is that wow25 posted as if she were the person creating the story.

Even if someone was not using her name(which I doubt, I think it is all her and the reason I think this has nothing to do with her race.) Is because everytime a bad post appears under her name she denies it. She just called the person she claims to be impersonating her a dummy. She denied calling Zachary names. Let's face it.

This is either written by a child to get attention, or Ranita has very low self esteem and was not brought up right. This has nothing to do with her race thought. Just she does not have the guts to admit her mistakes which is very sad. Just like she has the right to believe that she was treated with racism, we have the right to tell us what we think.

If she can't handle our feedback she should not have shared her story. Also wow25 and Ranita have the same hatrid and discrinination towards whites. How do you know that they would not give her, I mean you the 34 cents? No one is attacking this one person who chooses to act like a three year old.

They are just stating their views and she goes around calling them names, accusing them of being bad parents then taking back her posts when she regrets posting them. She has anger issues it is quite clear. As you can see people do support her, but what they don't like is her quick conclsion to racism. However since ranita and wow25 are obviously the same person I guess "both" of you will not see reason.

You may think we are all uneducated but when pretending to be a second person Ranita at least know which account you are using when you are supporting yourself. We were not born yesterday and we are not as dumb as you think we are, or say we are. I knew right away that once you regretted it you would deny calling Zachary names instead of admitting to it.

Your mother must be proud. Then again maybe I should not say this sarcastically since she perhaps raised you to cry racism for silly things.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #183379

ranita is a ***, and just like she has the right to free speech so do we. if she can't take it maybe she should not be posting.

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