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A kitchen re do has turned into the "Nightmare in Wake Forest".

Home Improvement specialists who lie, just trying to bump services to increase commissions, to managers who just want you to go away. 5 Trips to the Lowes store in Wake Forest in 8 days to try and understand exactly why I'm paying $250.00 to install a sink. or why 100 - 1 x 2 kitchen tile (which has been sitting in my den for more than 2 weeks along with underfloor and grout and other assorted pieces of "stuff" is still there - floor measured out at 140 sq,ft.

Or maybe its the contractor who was supposed to contact me today and let me know that the job MIGHT start on the 8th of November as opposed to the 25th of October or the store manger who was supposed to call me yesterday - we got cut off and I called back immediately, asked the operator to give her a message along with my phone number and still haven't heard back (Friday November 4th at 9:01 pm).

Nobody at Lowes really gives a "*** " about the customer...they get the full cost of the job up front and then nothing happens. Have kept a full log of texts between myself and Lowes so I can validate my position

Wouldn't buy a thumb tack from Lowes if my life depended on it. Don't expect to hear from Lowes management. However, social media including email blasts is a great way to let my friends and business associates know exactly what to expect when dealing with Lowes.

And foolish me, thought no company's customer service could possibly be worse than Time Warner...you folks make them look like amateurs!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Reason of review: the entire process.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Customer no service, Poor attitude of employees, Manager attitude.

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Did ya'll hear about lowes new business model ? well what little customer service they do have is now getting farmed out to a call center so you can't complain to a store manager .

not only that but they are taking all the local contractor jobs floors , heating and air ,door installs and giving the installs to a company out of state !

that will be great service . on top of that all the deliveries will also be farmed out leaving no one accountable for damages to the product or home .