Boston, Massachusetts

I bought a Soleus Air dehumidifier from Lowe's in July '13 that did not work when I tried to run it in May '14. The manufacturer has a one year warranty and says they will work with Lowe's, who no longer carries the brand, to arrange a reimbursement for the nonfunctioning dehumidifier if I take it back to the Lowe's where I got it and have then call the manufacturer.

Lowe's refuses to call the manufacturer and basically said it was my problem since I didn't purchase their extended warranty (two different people said this several times about the extended warranty sold by Lowe's). I didn't get the extended warranty because I knew the product was warranted for a year by Soleus.

Lowe's did not tell me they would not help me get that refund if I did not buy their warranty. The store is in Hadley, MA.

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Warranty calls to the manufacturer are the consumer's responsibility, not the retailer. Stop being lazy and call them yourself.


Soleus air had a big recall on their dehumidifiers. Lowes should be able to give you the 800 number to call.

The recall is handled directly through Soleus air and not through the stores. Call and see if yours qualifies.


He is an employee for lowes