Phoenix, Arizona
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I just purchased pavers, and heavy bags of rocks; the cashier was impatient with my credit card not registering in her machine-she didn't know if it should be inserted with the chip, or not-she only cared about being in a hurry to go to lunch! Did not care to ask for someone to help me load the material in my car - no help, and very unfriendly. If Home Depot carried the same material, I would never go to Lowe's!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm a cashier at lowes and I'm sorry that you received poor customer service in your store. Not all cashiers are slackers like this one.

Please don't let one bad experience ruin your views on lowes. I love my customers and go out of my way to make their shopping experience enjoyable.


My one and only question is, at what point did you ask for assistance.

Lowe's is a customer focus company...


but they are not mind readers.