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I ordered some things online to be picked up at the store closest to me. The online site clearly stated the items were available at that location.

When I went to pick up the items, I was told that the items were at a store more than 20 miles away.

What an assumption for the company to make that I'd be able to get to that other store I had already had to go to another company to get part of what I needed for my project because Lowes wasn't accommodating enough to help me cut the PVC I required into the lengths I needed. This was the last straw for me and I will be giving my business to the other companies in my area be they big box or the small independent hardware stores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: A change in their policy for online pickup. If the item(s) are not available at the store requested, the customer should be contacted to decide what to do..

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While cutting PVC pipe doesn't require specialized tools, it does require changing the blade on their saws from a rather coarse wood cutting blade to a finger tooth one. If not done correctly, a spinning circular saw blade coming loose and flying at your face is something that NOBODY wants to see.

So, for safety reasons, they don't allow regular employees to even operate the saws without specific training.

As for changing blades, it's a matter of risk/safety.PVC, CPVC and ABS can be cut with a regular hacksaw or jigsaw. A fine-tooth metal cutting blade is what I prefer to use, it makes a cleaner cut.


They don't cut PVC for the obvious reason. If you can't manage to do something as simple as cut the PVC yourself how the *** are able to manage to do anything else with the PVC?

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