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I purchased some merchandise during the memorial day weekend (may 26) and i made sure that the store had the quantity i needed, they sold me the merchandise and i scheduled the delivery for june 14, i asked for early morning delivery i called them june 14 @9 am to confirm they said the merchandise is out of stock and delivery won't be until june 16 or 17, I have some people coming today to work on the project...so you know what i'm trying to get at. if you sell a merchandise put it on reserve and paid for don't sell it and expect to replace that merchandise in two weeks BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE######

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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You scheduled people to come out on the day or day after a scheduled delivery!!!

Retail stores of all types are notorious for screwing up and delaying home deliveries.

You can blame Lowes...

this time!

But really! Next time wait until you actually get the product before scheduling workers.