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I work at 1926 Redding CA, never have I worked at such an unprofessional work place full of *** and alcoholics especially when it comes to people up in management. And if you don't hang out in the bars like management and some of the employees when you have a problem with someone and use the open door policy you will only get in trouble by being harassed cause you're not part of the special little click.

People where I work have been fired for using the open door policy. I know of three people who were fired for using the open door policy and they were good employees who work hard. One of the stores not so good employee's uses her body at work by sleeping with mangers to get promoted. she even had one of them clocking her out so she could get her hours even though she left hours ago.

Other employees know about this but said nothing cause there is no open door at Lowe's. She does absolutely nothing at work but flirt with gays some she's already slept with. And to thank are store made bonus so she's going to get $750.00 for doing put flirting on the sale floor.

While some of use work hard and are only getting a small bonus. If it wasn't for the economy I would get a job else.

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lowes need more loader


Yeah I work in the 814 district and I love how we can give a mean customer thousands of dollars of products for 1/3 the price and the mistake was 100% the customer changing their mind or making something out of nothing but a nice customer who got royally screwed because an employee messed up can barely get a 10% discount for something 100% employees fault.


I worked in several departments over a number of years in the State College PA store. Most fellow coworkers were very decent as were most customers and generally the work was not that bad.

By far the number one problem that makes this store extremely difficult to work in is the top manager who has virtually no people skills and zero compassion toward employees. A customer could have said I stood naked on my head and he would honestly believe it. In addition employees are expected to miraculously learn stuff including complex machines and order taking with almost no training. The constant lack of proper staffing is causing so much stress on employees that everyone I know is miserable.

One is constantly expected to handle more than one department at a time with 4-6 telephones to handle (a regular wireless phone, a smart phone and a desk landline for each department). So often phones are ringing, customer call bells are going off and live customers needing immediate help are all wanting at the same time causing unbearable stress to employees. Customers will then complain that service is slow or that employees are showing signs of unfriendliness and then employees get written up and even fired as I was.

This could be a better place with a DIFFERENT manager - This man R.F. needs to go!


I encourage all retail slaves to make the stock go down by filling ur pockets w goods. Keep ur 35 bucks, i,ll make 300 at the return line.


Someone defiantly has issues.


This person works at my Lowes, or worked. The truth is they were fired and they are making all this up to make their employer look bad.

When an employee gets fired they are not allowed to discuss the reasoning, however there are rumors that she got fired for using profanity towards our manager. The employee in question, the OP does not think she should be working because she has mild down syndrome. Those lies about her "sleeping around" are false. It is true that her standards are not as good as the other employees but she keeps trying.

The open door policy is good as long as you are polite, however when you tell a manager to eff off and claim you were using the open door policy to voice your concerns that does not work. (assuming that is why she got fired.) NOt to mention she bragged about how ine day she would tell management to eff off.


how did you get w-h-o-r-e-s in your letter, because when i called another user one it came out like this *** unless it works in pural form, testing ***


It's no coincidence that the last 2 letters of the word, "blame" spell "ME," rumors that this young lady is working over her managers on her knees is hurtful, especially when they're based on assumptions and angry sources dispirited at the achievements of others. It could be that her confidence from an attractive physique from which she works daily to sculpt plump bosoms and chiselled abdominals enables her to get the sales that your knee-knockers just aren't securing on the sales floor.

It's not fair, but guys don't make passes at girls with big ***...and who said life is fair? If she is gobbling mgmt weiners, she incurs the negative externality of STDs, sore knees, and coworker jealousies.


Try communicating your concerns with district management rather than ventilating on internet chat boards. Perhaps there is information that exceeds the limits of your perceptions.