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I do not recommend going through Lowes for any outdoor build. Heres my story and now Im reading plenty more just like it.

Back in June 2020, I signed up for a quote for a new deck.

Things started off so smoothly! The Lowes rep came by, looked it over, and then he came out with the construction company foreman to look it over. This was all done very quickly. Then they wrote up a contract and I had to pay all the money up front ($15,000).

Once you sign your contract, you have 3 days after you sign to get out of the contract. The Lowes rep told me that the deck install would happen by August. I thought this was the easiest process and just figured everything would continue moving that quickly. Even got confirmation that supplies were in and at Lowes warehouse.

This is when they forget about you.

No one from Lowes will ever check up. That sales rep that first came out...that person has moved on. They got their money. They are not your liaison in this process at all.

The person with the construction company has basically told me they will start the project next week. This has been said every week since August. Its now mid December and I have Lowes supplies just sitting in my driveway and still being told that mine will start next week. You wont get a call either saying if it will happen, so dont cancel anything going on to be there the first day.

That day will come, and you will have to call and ask if they are still planning on coming out today and you will be told that they will be there next week. For instance, last week, they were supposed to start on Wednesday. Wednesday came around and once again, a no show. I called and told they would start next Thursday (which is today).

This morning came around and still a no show. I called and now Im told they will start next week. See the cycle here! This has happened since August!

We will see if next week comes. Since Ive been pushed back for so many weeks, I feel more confident each time that they will show because Im next in line. But this doesnt seem to be the case. My project keeps getting bumped out of the way.

I was told 2 tiny little deck projects got bumped in front of mine because Lowes was missing 2 boxes of railings, but Lowes driver said all they had to do was pick up from another store because those are always in stock. Those 2 tiny little project started a month ago. When I called today to check in on what time they were showing up, she said they are still busy doing a project for the city, so I figured I bumped back again. Im wondering if all Lowes projects get bumped and the construction company will move its direct customers ahead of the line because the money for Lowes project has been paid for.

I am listing my house for sell in January and they are aware.

As things are moving now, I cant even do that until the deck is complete.

I went to Lowes because I thought it would be reputable. And how quick they got things going definitely reassured me. I cant tell you how the actual project was....yet anyway. Im sure the company will do good work when my time comes.

The construction company obviously stays busy and thats good. But Lowes should have more than one company that they use to help keep things moving. Im assuming customers in the area that have put in for an outdoor build after June is still waiting as well.

I would not advise going through Lowes for a project. They will get your money, never follow up, and you will wait forever

User's recommendation: Don’t go through Lowes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Deck Installation.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: I want my deck completed and should get a discount after all this.

Location: 1224 Burkemont Ave, Morganton, NC 28655

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Did the contract say you had 3 days to cancel ? 3 day cancel does not apply if you call for the salesman to come out.

So in this case that doesn't apply.

If they came out with out you inviting to come out it may apply. Did the contract say a certain time for the project to be completed you are bound by that.


Yes, the last page of the contract says I have 3 days from the date signed to get out of project. That was dated 7/23/20.

The projected build date was written as 8/23/20 with an estimated completion date of 10/23/20. Because completion date is an estimate, I’m not so sure that would get me out. I tried canceling on 10/25/20, and it sounded like No one knew what to do. Lots of they needed to talk to their manager.

Plus, I was told project was going to start next week. I figured I should stay since they came this far and we were so close to getting it done. That was the end of October. They even scheduled the Lowes delivery guy to drop off on 10/31/20, but something told me to not except the offer till things sounded more solid.

Well, things started to sound more solid and the person I was working with scheduled the delivery the beginning of last week because they were going to start the end of last week which then got pushed to today, and has now been pushed to next week. I’m really at a loss because I have waited so long and feel we are almost there, but I have had this feeling since October.

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