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I bought paint at Lowes when I could get a friend to drive me there, prepped the area I want to paint, set aside time on a day off to do the painting and then ran headlong into a brick wall with the cheap quality of the paint itself. Instead of the deep red paint nicely covering the white (painted) shelves, I got what looked more like wood stain- uneven and mostly transparent coverage.

Letting an area dry, I then tried a 2nd coat on it and it was obvious that I'd need a 3rd and perhaps even a 4th coat to achieve an even finish. This is totally unacceptable from a $44 a gallon can of paint!

I don't have the time or the money to apply that many coats of paint and resent the inferior product they sold me and the time Lowe's has wasted for me. So I'm sitting here writing complaints instead of getting the painting done as I had planned until I can beg a ride to Benjamin Moore.

Why does Lowes have so little respect for its customers?

Monetary Loss: $86.

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Your problem is using a red paint over white. The tint base on the red paint is translucent rather than a heavily pigmented base.

You need to start with priming the are to be painted with a dark primer. Even with the dark primer expect to use 2 coats. Their mistake was not telling you to use the dark primer. This will be true of any deep red paint.

I had the same problem with Bher paint at Home Depot. Once Bher told me what to do and I used the dark primer it worked great.