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There have been many complaints with an RTM named Kiki at store #1064 in Columbia, SC. She is very rude and unprofessional towards customers.

Complaints have been made to the assistant manager, manager, and corporate office to no avail. The complaints have come from unsatisfied customers, Lowe’s drivers, and their own employees. My advice, go to another Lowe’s store in the nearby area.

My experience with the other Lowe’s has/is wonderful each time. They were/are very courteous, knowledgeable, and professional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Customers don't know what an RTM is. You sound like an employee trying to get someone in trouble for personal reasons.


I’m not an employee there. Never have been.

Customers do know what an RTM is. I’m one of those customers. As far as “getting someone in trouble,” I stated her name as well as the other customers that have made their complaint to management and to the corporate office.

The problem was resolved after my post here. Thank you for your input and bringing attention to my post ;)


I think ASRHSRH is correct. RTM must be Lowes lingo for something and it would take an employee to know what it is. You are just out to cause trouble.


Lack of education must be a struggle. I don’t need to be employed there to know the acronym.

Contact the receiving department at any Lowe’s or look up the position online. Could it be that you’re a friend or related to the RTM? Could it be that you’re her? This is an issue that has gone unresolved for a few years, until now :) As I’ve stated, I have never worked there but you’re more than welcome to seek me out.

My middle initial is K. Happy hunting ;)


Not Anonymous :)


"There have been many complaints with an RTM named Kiki "Translation: "There have been so many complaints MADE BY ME"


Wrong translation. I found out about the other complaints when I made mine (1). You’re welcome :)


What's an RTM?


RTM in Lowes lingo is Return To Manufacturer....