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I would never buy anthing from Lowes again that requires an warranty. On 7/20 my refrigerator broke down I call the warranty and they sent out app.+.

the gut came in my home he wasnt friendly at all, i went down stairs so he can handle his business. 45mins. later he calls me upstairs and starts to go ffo on me in front of my kids,to react would have been a bad mistake for me. so i call and made a complaint.

a few days later they sent out another mom and pop tech. dont get me wrong I have nothing agaist one person company,but a gaint like Lowes should be using better tech. so the second tech comes out and open the refigerator door and says: this unit is unrepairable. *** this *** didnt even plug the unit up.

the 3rd service tech.comes out plugs the unit up unplugs it, *** both panels and say: it looks like a tech. drill *** in the freon line to see what was going on the the line, and the fan is out and the motherboard needs any event you're covered and i'll oder the parts. make a long story short we went over 3 weeks with out a refrigerator, sure they replace the unit and paid $250 for food loss. but that is not good enough for me, I wish to be compensated for this ordeal.

I was told I drill the hole in the line. i was told a gift was sent out, then i call back to tell them the parts are here but i dont need them, at this point i was told the gift card was cancelled. no one knew what the other was doing, no one check the notes from the GE service tech. and he was the only true tech.

in the 1st. place.

this is BS. I'm seeking $3,000.00 for compensation

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Gift Card.

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$3,000 as compensation for everything? Are you serious?

It sounded like your problem finally got solved, but is there more to it that you are not telling us? :x


Ya,"Bozo" should learn how to write first. Also, for a corporate giant like Lowes to honor a warranty properly, you first MUST have people who are willing to do the work for Lowes.

Ask yourself this: How many people in reasonable driving distance are willing to work with the "CORPORATE GIANT" to provide service to others. Just as you are "cracked" on your writing skills because you were taught and practice "Forest Gump" style, maybe the small mom and pop guys who are the only ones brave enough to go head-on with the Giant should maybe be given some courtesy and thank them, even if they were taught and practice yucky people skills. GROW UP!

Maybe if some of the more established services stepped up to the plate, they might just teach the the "Little Guys" how to do things different. Don't be such a clown "Bozo".


What's up with people that feel they need "compensation" for everything? What happened to this bozo that is worth $3000?