Odessa, Texas
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looking for front door. one employee was busy with customer.

two others standing around doing nothing. waited for busy employee to get help.

Kevin Wilson did great job of helping. went back on sat. after getting front door mes.

didn't like Clint he was 45min. late and didn't call to let me known that he would be late till 45min later which i was back at work.never i am sorry or anything!!! any way back to sat.morning young man tells me i have to have tax whatever for $20.00 and me telling him i didn't need that he said i had top have this and that to be able to get door. i am so disappointed in service.

it is as bad as home depot!!!!

we were happy to see you come into the comm. but i see it is all the same.

will not see me there again and will never buy any thing from you're store . lousy service people that don't know what the are talking about lousy lousy lousy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1028.

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they lie to seasonal employees that they will bet reviews after 90 days. Confronted HR she said they don't hold reviews on seasonal workers.

That's a known lie. There's a massive click their in the front end, some cashier walk away from their registers and when I complained one of them two weeks later got a review to stay. I never missed a day and even showed up on days when someone called out. The place is filled with favortism and discrimination.

I also had 3 customer compliments that were given by customers to management. That's what you get for being dedicated.

Lowes is crooked, crooked, crooked.

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