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On Sunday as I was walking into the Lowes store at Higley and Southern in Mesa , AZ. I noticed a car with two infants in it.

The children were unattended and there were no adults in the area. I told a cashier about the children as soon as I walked into the store and told told her supervisor, Jason who shrugged his shoulders and would not do anything to protect the children. As I went back to check on the situation the dcar was gone. I called to talk to the manager the nexted day and after about 7 minutes I ended up speaking to an Assistant Mgr., Bob who told me they could get sued if they paged the parent and they got upset.

My comment to him was that Jason could have gone out to the car to supervise until the parent came back.

Bob's response was," what should we do if there are 20 cars with children who are unattended in the lot?" I told him he was being foolish with that type of comment.

They should have shown more concern for the children since we live in a city with one of the highest kidnapping rates.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

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This guy.....


In responce to your comments. I don't have any cats.

I do have a Service Dog and two adopted parrots.

The car was in my view at all times.

I am not judging you for your attitudes so don't judge me for my actions. I did try to do something about it.


Hold on a sec u saw these infants in this vehicle with no supervision and the first thing u did was find a cashier then a supervisor. It seems to me that if u really wanted to be the responsible person in this situation u would have called the police out in the parking lot.instead u put the responsibility/blame on other persons( were u intimidated/ Afraid that the parents would find out who called the police?) The people who are in the warehouse do not come to work to babysit irresponsible idiots children.


Children and Pets die all the time in cars sitting in the heat. Call 911.


How many cats do you have at home? Get a hobby.

Better yet why didn't you do anything like call 911?

You just walked away and left the infants there? What does that say about you as a person?


OK. So you saw two infants alone in a car. Then you left them alone again.


You have way to much time on your hands and should find a hobby.