Monroe, New York
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Bought 3 patio love seats from Lowes, still under warranty when button on back cushion fell off.

Called disrtibutor - none left, no help. Manufacturer is overseas, no help. Called Lowe's Customer Assistance, no help.

Called store Manager where we bought them, no help: None in stock, can't replace. WILL reimburse cost of whole seat if returned, but then we can't replace with matching one (bad solution). Won't reimburse for repair, even though Lowe's warranty states "We will, at our sole discretion, REPAIR IT (caps mine), replace it, or refund your money based on your method of payment."

We're stuck with defective furniture. Nice.

We're no longer Lowe's customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Hey, SRB427, I guess you realized you were in a winless argument here. But like you said, you're 57, probably OD'd on the metamucil since last we spoke!! :grin


Is Lowes4life mr. Niblock?


is he really the president of Sears? Stay tuned.....


I can see how many who complain on here can take any response comments seriously. I could say I am the president of Sears and some would believe me.

Dont believe everything you read on the internet - some people who respond may be employees of some typw of retail store or maybe even have worked for a Lowe's at one time, and now work for the competition pretending to speak out for the company you are complaining about. Most of that furniturecomes from overseas and there is no replacement hardware or accessories, the best they will do is give you your money back. Although if it were me and I was happy with the furniture and all it was was a button I would try and fix it myself and save the gas to stop in.

If it were a manufacture defect I would have started with the manager on duty, then asked for the operations manager, if you didnt get any resolve ask for the store manager and then the district manager everyone has a supervisor. All in all the Dept Manager of inside lawn and garden should have been able to take care of your request.


Hey, srb427, pretty quick with the jabs when your'e safe, arent ya? You might be 57, 50 more than your IQ, but I'm digressing here, so back to the issue at hand, since your OBVIOUSLY SOOOOO SMART compared to the rest of us, you must also know that Lowes does not manufacture the seat cushions!!

If the manufacturer no longer makes them, what do you expect us to do?? Many times the manufacturer will not take merchandise back, this in turn leads to higher prices for all down the road.

You would have (NOW READ REAL CLOSELY NOW SINCE YOU'RE 57 AND KNOW IT ALL) had this same response from Home Depot, or any other retailer. The managers cannot just do what they (we) want, we have guidelines just as you do in your job, that we, and you, must follow, so just remember that.


Dear bigger idiots (retailer4life and CJ),

Shame this site allows name-calling losers like you to comment without knowing what you're talking about. A) The seats/cushions were less than one month old and still within warranty.

B) As stated, manufacturer is overseas and Lowe's Customer Assistance couldn't give me contact info for them. C) If you had the slightest idea what you were talking about, you'd realize these cushion-buttons aren't just "sewn on", but require a special tool to insert the connecting thread inside the cushion in such a way as to anchor them properly, not something as easy as "just sewing them on". D) Taking back ALL the seats just brings us back to where we started: no patio seats and none available we want to replace them. Funny how you think the whole back cushion costs $4.00!

But obviously you mental giants work for Lowe's, or you wouldn't react so childishly. By the way, I'm 57 and know what any decent retail store should be responsible for.


Kudos to cj!! We @ Lowes have really had it with moronic customers like this!

Also, just HOW OLD were the cushions? Some manufacturer's do give long warranties on their products, but HOW LONG did you actually have them? I bet a lot longer than buying a 25 cent button and sewing the thing back on was worth!

And to chevrolet.....That's probably what your parents said after they had to introduce you to the family after you were born!! :grin


Hey ***! They will take back not only the defective unit, but all of them.

So they are following their policy to the tee.

Besides, what kind of *** are you that you can't sew a button back on a $4 cushion? Serioulsy, shop at Wal-Mart, I'm sure the your local Lowe's employees with thank you.


Lowes new slogan is

"Its not our fault"