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I had a appointment at Lowe's to have my kitchen remodeled. When I arrived the (only) sales woman said "I understand you have a question".

I brought measurements and photos of my kitchen under the impression we were going to begin the project. Instead, she offered to make an appointment for me to speak to someone else next week. She seemed hurried and was absolutley no help to me. If I just had a question I wouldn't have gone to the store.

Either she didn't want to work or she had absolutely terrible communication skills.I finished by saying " I will take my project and my money to another location". I will make sure they understand what intend to do. You may tweet this if you want.

I don't have twitter.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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You do realize that kitchen designs take upwards of 3 hours at a time? Maybe you should have done your homework before you expected the designer to drop everything for you.

They DO have other customers who actually MAKE appointments. Maybe she had another appointment?

Then again, you do know everything. You should probably have designed your kitchen yourself.


It's Shenandoah 8)


I agree with this complaint. I have also had a bad kitchen remodel experience.

These losers are so terrible and their customer service sucks so bad that its not even funny. Their workers are horrible as well for the most part, and I m pretty sure the people who commented here are lowe's workers, since they know they are lazy awipes themselves.


Exactly, you should of made an appointment when a designer was available. If they were the designer, they would of Sat down with you right then.

Sometimes someone has to cover the department when the designer is not in and the kitchen cabinet department is one who needs someone qualified to work the AutoCAD program and tell you the different cabinet styles, as well as countertops to make sure they work with what you need. Otherwise, sure, just sit down with someone for the whole day toddesign a kitchen who has no clue about anything. A designer either needs to set an appointment with you or be available at the time you come in when they have down time. Goodness, why am I even wasting my time.

It's people like you that complain before taking advice and giving things a chance. I hope the other store screws up, because you are most likely to see similar complaints about them as well.

Take your *** to a mom and pop shop so they can kiss your sorry *** because after this complaint, no big box store would want to deal with you.


I don't understand the issue. You're making a lot of assumptions perhaps she wasn't qualified to help you.

Perhaps she was just filling in for a manager. Perhaps you had some crazy *** questions that hardly anyone would know. People who work at Lowes/Home Depot/Menards are not master electricians/plumbers/carpenters they are normal people looking to make a buck. If they were a master electrician/plumber/carpenter they would be out in the field doing it making 3x the money.

I work for a competitor of Lowes and I'm always amazed what people assume about what I should or shouldn't know. We just sell the stuff, we can tell you roughly what it is, we rarely can tell you how to use it.


Oh no! someone wouldn't figure shiit out for you? that's crazy.