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On 10/31/09 , I recieved a home equity line of credit with a new check book to use. I Went to a Lowes store in my small home town.

I spent 4 hours looking for several items (over 40 items). I wrote a check to cover the cost. Certegy Check Services uses a faulty profiling system to approve checks and nothing else. My $660.89 check was denied in front of my girlfriend several members of my comunity (that I know and go to church with), three employees of Lowes and a manager.

I was made to feel like crook in front of everybody there. This kind of harassment is insulting, degrading, demoralizing and cruel. Does anyonbe realize how people talk in a small town. On sunday at church, a friend approached me and said he would pray for me for my check fraud problem.

Now members of my church think I am a Convict. I am insanely angry with the way I am being treated because of negative profiling which is against my rights as an american citized.

Certegy Check Services Inc. and inhumane organizations need to be put out of business for causing large problems with innocent people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $660.

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It Is to, Its #%%& well Lowe's fault and for you security freaks I would rather bust you In the face than explain the situation to you, I guess you Never had to deal with a bad situation as having to deal with 100 degree weather In a car with No Air conditioner and your at the store and your bank Is on the other side of town, really Its you security freaks that Is messing Us all up Its time The Customer Is always right again, Not the corporation Is always right and The Customer Is always wrong, oh and I would leave that worthless church find one that Truly Believes In God, and A Church that believes September 11 2001 Was Controlled Demolition An Inside Job


The problem is with Certegy *and* Lowes, not just Certegy (or if they use another company now it could be TruChecks or TeleCheck). If they don't have a policy where they can disregard the Certegy/TruChecks/TeleCheck result and call the financial institution to verify the check will clear, that is Lowe's fault.

They should have a secondary method to accept a check. Same as if it were a debit card usage and a large amount, the card fraud team could block it for being out of their normal spending patterns, but a quick call to the card fraud team by the cardholder can resolve that to get the purchase to be approved. In this case with a check, the account holder calls their bank/credit union to find out what the issue is, and everything is fine on their end. They are not declining the check.

Certegy is. To clarify further, not every bank/credit union will verify over the phone if a check will clear, but my credit union does.


Same thing happened to me today. I was furious, called the number I was given and it was automated, gave me no answers and would not let me speak with an actual employee


I understand these places being worried about bad checks but these *** making people feel Luke criminals is crazy and very very unprofessional I'll never shop at Lowes again I am a contractor and have 7 other contractors following me to take our business elsewhere


I know this post is old, but I figured I'd put my two cents in. Did you ever stop to think that maybe your check was flagged because you were spending over $600 bucks and that wasn't something that you usually do?

It's called security measures. They were trying to protect you.


First off anyone in your church who honestly belives you are a convict should not be a part of the church. It is not Lowes fault either.

Emailing the ceo will do you nothing but get you more upset. The ceo is a crook who belives that his wallet and wall street is more important than his employees and his customers. He will likely tell you he is doing you a favor by declining your check like he did to his employees. He can likely tell you what a crook or convict feels like though as he is right there with them.

As for the members of your church they need to get their heads screwed on straight. Your no convict.


Do not put identifying information beyond your name on your checks. Ever heard of identity theft?


That is not Lowes fault.

It is the service that they use to approve the checks.

I never had a problem with Lowes.

Beter them Home DEPOT.


Contact Lowe's CEO(Robert Niblock) directly @


In a world where many places won't take checks any more you're lucky to find someone that accepts a piece of paper that may or may not be good. There are many reasons they may not have accepted this check.

As you stated it is a new account. Many places that do accept checks require they have printed information such as name, address etc on them. Low number checks are also a source of many check problems. Being a new account the bank may not have had information posted or available for the check protection company to verify your account.

Keep in mind that a check is just a piece of paper until your bank honors it. Asking a business who doesn't know you to honor a check is asking a lot.

Using a debit or credit card that can be instantly verified is a safer form of payment for them to accept. Ask you bank for a debit card to use with this account and your problems will be solved.


I agree the problem is not Lowes, its the Certegy, we can not overide the system to take a check, Sorry you felt like a crook


Well there could have been a few things wrong with your check. You could have handed them a "starter" check, which is just like a normal check though it does not have your personal information on it.

Another problem could have been previous bounced checks (for any amount) that have not been paid off yet.

Finally, Certegy could have flagged your checks (for some reason) and it would have been worthless for Lowe's to accept.

Whatever the result is, there are many reasons a valid check can be denied. You should find out why it was denied to prevent any future problems.


The problem is with certegy not Lowes.You should have received a recept with the number to call certegy. You need to ask them what the problem is.