2888 Brice Rd, Columbus, OH 43232, USA
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Professional painters

After 2 coats and 2 gallons this paint has dried completely uneven and done is still purple in color

We are taking what’s “unused” back to Lowe’s along with pictures to try and get 2 Fallon’s of regular old white ceiling paint

Product or Service Mentioned: Valspar Paint.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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"professional" painters wouldn't use any paint from Lowe's to begin with. That's your first problem.


Professional painters don't use color-changing paint, they know what they've already painted. Stop hiring people just because you found them on an app on your phone.


How long did you allow between coats? What is the humidity in the rooms?

I've learned over the years that temperature and humidity can make a big difference in dry times. The paint can may say 8 hours, but that is in ultimate conditions. Living in a northern climate I've painted walls in the house that have taken 24-36 hours to completely dry in the winter. Yes, they felt dry to the touch but adding additional coats after 8 hours caused the paint to sag a it hadn't fully dried.

After sanding the walls and allowing the extra drying time everything went fine. You may find you just need to allow more dry time.

Do you consider your painters "professional" because they have a business and charge you to do the painting? Most painter that have been around for a while wouldn't be using a color changing paint meant to make painting easier for do-it-yourselfers.