Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We added a 700 sqft addition to our home using over a dozen gallons of primer and Valspar paint from Lowe's. We painted the room, then installed the floor, thus giving the paint over a week to dry.

One year later, we moved a chair that was in the corner, and it was stuck to the paint on the wall. We pulled the chair away and chunk of wall/paint came off. We also had the same problem with picture frames; paint stuck to the back, causing the pictures to stick to the wall. We literally had to pry the frames off.

I send both an e-mail and written letter, hoping for an apology and maybe an explanation, but nothing. It's just horrible paint, and even worse customer service...TJN

Monetary Loss: $300.

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What's the deal with valspar paint leaving streaks a year later?


I USED VALSPAR ULTRA GLOSS ON KITCHEN CABINETS.The adhesion was very poor and pealed off after 3 months. I was still tacky to the touch.

The prep incuded washing with TSP and sanding . I stripped the valspar off and used Dutchboy and it adheared much better. I aso used the Valspar flat on the walls and semi gloss on the trim. It too peeled of.

Using painters tape was a disaster. In the past I have used Valspar with no prblem.


Valspar Signature Hi-Def Advanced Color, Paint + Primer has been a waste of money. We applied a coat of paint and had roller streaks.

Lowe's store told us to use a low nap roller.

We did that and after three coats we still have roller streaks. Painting with a brush looks good but who is going to paint a whole room with a brush?


I just painted with Valspar Medallion and have had none of those problems. We used 3/8 inch rollers-disposable type, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

After waiting 24 hours, the tape came off flawlessly and no streak marks. As a amateur painter myself, I can say the problem is most likely you and not the paint.


It's not the painter it's lazy consumers. Everyone wants to cut corners they don't want to degloss shiny surfaces....

They don't want to prime ... They clean their walls with whatever they find. Latex paint especially a satin or gloss takes.

30 days to properly cure so you need to be mindful. If you skip steps then you get what you get.


I am on my third coat using the Medallion Valspar. $40 bucks a gallon?

What happened to Valspar? I have used this paint often over the years, and this time, my money and time are very much wasted. I am not getting the coverage expected. Two coats and there are streaks, lines, and missed spots.

It won't go on the roller well, and once on the wall, who knows what will happen. I am no newbie to home painting projects. Triple the effort and money on this project. *** it I am pissed at this situation; I could have hired someone to do this work, and used Big Lots' paint for better results.

I bought my Valspar at ACO hardware, not Lowes. Yeah, this product is a waste of time and money.

Wish I would have found this site before I started my project, and before I realized something was drastically wrong with the quality of the finish. :cry


Valspar signature paint didn't use to be this bad. I have always used this paint with it covering with one coat coverage no streaking with the shiny lines or paint being pulled off.

But I bought a new house and bought Valspar to paint my house and every single room the paint wouldn't cover evenly. I would have shiny streaks all over my walls photo frames are causing the paint to come off the walls too.

Terrible paint! I will never buy Valspar again total waste of time and money.


I purchased three gallons of paint from Lowes, 2 gallons to do my living room and 1 gallon to do my dining room....I purchased the paint with primer and was very disappointed with the way the paint adhered to the wall, it was shinny, looking almost sticky...I have purchased paint for years, even cheap paint, this is the worse i have ever used...I finally couldnt look at the embrassing walls anymore, went to Sherwin Williams and had to purchase the same quanity to redo the walls...I think this Paint is terrible and will never purchase it again, I would suggest you dont do it, you will be sorry, when you have to purchase paint somewhere else or just shake your head every time you look at your wall


I painted a concrete patio floor with Valspar, came back 2 hours later

paint was still somewhat tacky,like it wasn't dry, I thought because it was very humid out,needed more drying time, let it sit all night,

next morning ,not as tacky,but very slick and oily, and paint chipped and peeled off very easy, took remaining paint back for refund, they said , wow,we never had a complaint about Valspar, they called a Valspar REP on the phone for me to talk to, and he said must be the high humidity, and that particular paint wasn't recommended for concrete,and kept blabbering on and on, finally ,I cut him off, and said *** you, I will buy paint from Walmart next time, later he called me at home, and said he would replace paint I returned at no cost to me, even though I used half of it, but I still have to scrape off the paint I already put on, which will take me a day or two, sO i still lost out.


Valspar Signature paint + primer is the worst paint I have ever used. Two coats and there is still bleed through.

I wasn't trying to cover any color out of the ordinary and the paint will not cover. This is a bad product.

It does not live up to any of the claims made by the makers or sellers of this paint. I will never buy or use this product again.


We purchased 10 gallons of the Valspar Exterior paint, we had our home pressure washed and cleaned....when we got ready to use the paint, our painter noticed that the paint was not spreading and staying on the looked as if it had been frozen. I called Lowes and was told to come back and they would look at the paint we purchased, we took the paint back and the manager checked the dates on the 5 gallon buckets we were sold...they had they same stock numbers and dates as the other ones still in the store.

After this he opened the 5-gallon bucket that was unsealed that we had returned and said the paint looked like clabbered milk! He was very nice and got us 2 more 5-gallon buckets, at a discount I might add! :grin ! I have tried to find out how to contact Valspar to see if they are willing to help with the cost of the extra painting that we have had to absorb, but from the sound of all this (other complaints sent in), I guess it is a waste of time.

I really think that Lowes may need to reconsider selling this paint if they are going to have to keep fixing a problem that may not necessarily be theirs.

Any way....Thank You Lowes for helping me with my paint! :)


Just finished using three gallons of Valspar Signature Semi Gloss Interior paint in my family room. The paint is GARBAGE and I came to the conclusion that I put three gallons of water on my walls.

The label states, "Exceptional Coverage & Quality." After the third quote I still have bleed through!

Spare your time and money and DON'T buy Valspar paint!!! :cry


I have same problem an on them now have a lawer waiting on you have pic of what happened with yours I'll appreciate it an fill you in on processed...


Just had my house painted and used Valspar Signature. Complete garbage.

Same as everywhere else, used 3M tape and it rips the paint off the walls. Each wall and ceiling needed 3 plus coats.

Horrible product. It was like painting with water.


Used some Lowes Signature primer/paint and found it to be full of gells...terrible stuff. Ended up having to sand the bumps off from the wall, strain the remaining paint through a filter, and repaint.


Valspar Paint is horrible. The cost has raised over the past 4 years and the quality has cheapened.

Never again will I allow Valspar paint in my house. My husband and I complained to the Valspar company itself who had their Rep in our area come to our home and take a look at the rooms as well as the outside we recently hired painted. After looking at our issues, he agreed we had a problem but he said he would have to take the matter up with his superiors. He agreed coverage was an issue - still not covering properly after 4 coats of paint!

After talking with his Superiors he contacted us today to advise the problem was not in the can. It was those who applied the paint....the professional painters known for great work in our area and who also said they have complained about using Valspar paints. We have used these guys in the past and were more than pleased with their work.

The problem is not the painters.....its obviously the paint. :sigh


Valspar Int Paint w/Primer

I tried Valspar Prem Int Paint w/Primer due to Consumer Reports Recommndation

I struggled with this paint. Wasted both money and precious time recoating.

I had trouble the last time I ventured from premium paints from Sherwin-Williams when I tried another Consumer Reports recommendations. I see Valspar is no longer at the top. It was a horrible experience. I bought it at Lowe's.

Since they are the probably the largest retailer of it. Then they are responsible for it too.


Valspar Int Paint w/Primer

I tried Valspar Prem Int Paint w/Primer due to Consumer Reports Recommndation

I struggled with this paint. Wasted both money and precious time recoating.

I had trouble the last time I ventured from premium paints from Sherwin-Williams when I tried another Consumer Reports recommendations. I see Valspar is no longer at the top. It was a horrible experience. I bought it at Lowe's.

Since they are the probably the largest retailer of it. Then they are responsible for it too.


I HATE Valspar paint. I've been battling the peeling from painter's tape for 10 days now!

I've tried every method to avoid the peelng. No matter if it's still wet, the fresh paint peels off along with the tape. It is causing me so much extra work. Now I have to contend with ripped pieces of paint still attached to the overall paint.

This is a Valspar nightmare.

Valspar is horrible paint. Don't buy Valspar.


I suppose I was lucky in that I had only a small bathroom to paint and only bought half a gallon of this Valspar garbage. Certainly the worst imaginable paint I've ever encountered in 40 years of painting interiors. I am going to try and scrape it off the walls - don't want to have in my house - period.