Charlottesville, Virginia

We used Valspar (Lowes) black latex paint (premium interior/exterior enamel) to paint an antique table. We primed it first using a high grade latex primer which covered and dried perfectly.

The Valspar paint did not cover well and had to be re-coated again three times. We allowed ample drying time between coats (several days in an air-conditioned (dry) room. This paint is still sticky after over a month of "drying". The feet of a small table lamp have permanently "telegraphed" through a doily and into the paint.

This paint is so soft and tacky that it never truly dries or cures. Worst pint we have ever used.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I have used Valspar paints numerous times on both furniture and on the walls of my duplex and have never had any negative issues with it. As a matter of fact the previous renter had painted a maroon border in the master bedroom and I covered it in one coat of white. I love this paint and would use it again.


You should put an oil based paint on furniture anyway


Lowes is a retailer of Valspar...its not their paint as I can buy it at my local do-it best hardware store. Your compliant while vaild, as I have had the same issue, doesn't belong to Lowes


I too used the top of the line Valspar primer/paint and it was terrible. They brag about how it covers in one coat....b.s. and the I was painting a light blue over white!!!