Orlando, Florida

We bought several gallons of interior semi gloss Valspar paint at Lowes. Although adequate in years past -They have obviously changed their formula.

This paint does not cover even the lightest color and runs. Terrible Perhaps this is to make the customer buy more paint to cover up. Guess what? We will not buy ANY more Valspar paint.

So much for sneaky ways to up their bottom dollar.

To add insult and injury they have raised the price on this inferior paint .I am 77 years old and I do not need the aggrevation.

The time spent in having to repaint is exhausting for me and completely unneeded. Don't buy Valspar paint.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Howell, Michigan, United States #942038

I always liked Valspar but NO MORE! The coverage is very poor and it runs.

I read in a previous comment that it never quite dries. I've been ripped off and I don't like it.


as stated above when painting over semigloss/gloss paint deglosser should be used or prime first. do not use paint/primer in one as it's just not the same andi work for a competitor that sells several brands touting paint & primer in one.

if primer was no longer needed why would they still sell it as they do?


Are you painting over a semi gloss or gloss paint? If so a deglosser or primer should be used first. Did you take the proper preparation steps before painting?

Detroit, Michigan, United States #711533

Why are you complaining about Lowes when obviously it's the Valspar Paint that you are unhappy with? :?

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