Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Went to buy gallon of Valspar white, sales person put it into the shaker and the can collapsed at the top/bottom. Told me it was OK.

Asked for another. Tried to open a 3 year old gallon of Valspar and it was rusted tight, could not get lid off because opener deformed the lip all the way around. Went to store, 2 staff got the lid open and offered to sell me a replacement can for $5, on top of the $30 for the gallon I paid originally. Paint is good for about 3 years they said...

Maybe Valspar keeps costs down ($30/gal.!) buying thin, recycled steel cans, and Lowes sells them because they can offer you a replacement in a couple of years. Lowes CONTACT on website has no phone numbers or e-mail address. Help button link says NO HELP.

Valpsar phone only has recording, never got reply. Just be aware of what you may get buying Valspar Paint at Lowes Home Improvement stores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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