Virginia Beach, Virginia

-painted a bathroom with Valspar, "Farmers Market",Allen and Roth, ar225 over 4 weeks ago and it will not dry. I applied a primer over the wall paper, let it dry and then applied one coat of valspar, waited 24 hours and applied another coat. I just remains tacky to the touch, I have tried running a fan and then a heater and fan but it didn't make any difference. In 2 other rooms I applied primer over wallpaper but used a different brand of paint and it looks beautiful. The Valspar that I used supposedly has a primer already built in.

Ã…nyway, will never use this stuff again. I have been painting for over 40 years using a variety of brands and never had this happen. Now what do I do?? If I wipe the wall with a wet cloth the paint comes off onto the cloth. Someone suggested repainting over this stuff with a semi-gloss latex as that may work. I had used an eggshell valspar latex.


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Mayb u should removed wallpaper? Just mayb?


I painted our bathroom with Valspar just over a year ago, and it is still tacky to the touch. Every time the kids shower, the walls get wet and stay that way for at least 8 hours, even with the exhaust fan and AC going.

I'm just now painting over it with primer and then recoating with a Sherwin Williams paint. I will not use Valspar again.


Very very dissatisfied and threw it out and went back to Ben Moore!


Valspar is the best


I too painted my bathroom 4 weeks ago using Valspar Interior Kitchen & Bath Enamel and it is still tacky to the touch. The bathroom was not used for over a week after it was painted while I did other remodeling work in there.

Tonight I felt it again but it is still tacky to the touch. I have used Valspar products for a long time just not this type of paint.

Think I will go back to Benjamin Moore. The bathroom will not be used again for another 6 weeks for showering since that bathroom is not used except when I have company so we will see how long it takes to dry without any additional moisture/humidity.


Is anyone interested in beginning a class action lawsuit for damages incurred for paint not drying?


We painted our bathroom in May with Valspar "Ultra Premium, Interior Kitchen and Bath Enamel". Waited 3 days to put on 2nd coat since it was still tacky/not dry after the recommended 30-60 minutes to dry as stated on the can.

We then went on vacation for a week, came back and it was still wet. It is now the middle of August and it is still wet. I called Valspar and spoke to a VERY rude and argumentative girl. She said I would have to remove the paint from the wall at our own expense.

Incidently, the paint drips on the outside of the can are also still wet. Clearly a defective paint.


painting over sound wallpaper is perfectly fine( meaning wall paper is not peeling) the use of an oil based primer is always recommended for this application. If top coat color was a deep color, primer could have been tinted to a neutral gray to give best coverage and hide results. If paint was subjected to moisture prior to it curing ( running shower with little ventilation) this could have also contributed to it still being tacky also over application is always a common mistake


Same experience w/ Valspar 7 yrs ago. I painted over primed sheetrock.

It was tacky and smelled wet for 3 yrs. Couldn't use the room. Their rep looked at it and said he didn't have a sense of smell so couldn't tell. And the refusal to dry?

He said I should expect that w/ the color I chose. He offered me another 2 cans of Valspar paint. I refused. A professional painter said it was a problem w/ their base they tinted and every paint co knows when this happens.

Just that Lowes didn't make it right. It took 3 summers of windows open for the smell to finally dissipate. Now I only purchase paint from a paint store. This problem is uncommon, but when it does occur the homeowner is really stuck with a mess.

And professionals know exactly what it is.

A responsible company would apologize, bring in a crew to remove it and then reapply w/ non-defective paint. But not Lowes/Valspar.


I can't imagine why the paint would not dry as you state. I have used Valspar and never had a problem.

Who advised you to paint over wall paper?

They gave you bad advise. Never paint over wall paper.