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My son and I had one piece of wood to paint for project. Bought 2 cans of Valspar spray paint. One was primer grey and the other was basic gloss red.

1) The grey primer "special" safety cap came off first thing.

2) Nozzle had over spray and leaked very bad.

3) Can stopped working before finishing first coat.

Red gloss

1) Again safety cap came off.

2) First coat went on fairly smooth and looked good.

3) Day 2 first coat of paint not dry. (In the sun for 6 hours the

first day)

4) 24 hours after first coat...still tacky.

5) Attempted to put second coat on. Nozzle again had such bad overspray

and leaking.

48 hours later and different brands of spray paint NOT from Lowes, we attempted to sand down bad paint...guess what? Wet paint!

Do not waste your money on Valspar spray paint. Buy more of a brand name, respectable, spray paint. NOW we have to use paint remover because the paint will not dry and start from scratch.

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Valspar has great colors. The somewhat new twist cap is terrible and leaks and runs, all over your hands, everything.


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Same thing. Unbelievable that a store, Lowe's, could carry hundreds of cans of this paint with the twist cap.

Half the can dripped from the top over my hands, project, pants and shoes.

Hole of opening is too small and I can't believe this ever made it to production and can't believe that lowers still sells it. I had no respect for Lowe's and especially don't now...


Same problem. Used on bar stools.

2 weeks later and sitting on them left an imprint in the paint.

We will need to strip and repaint. Do not buy.


Gotcha, bought two cans of Valspar spray Chalkboard paint, the worst *** I have EVER painted with! I was painting over a dark brown Masonite board to go in a frame, it was so grainy, blotchy mess. I do think you could write on it.


Valspar IS a very respectable Brand Name.


I had the same problem with flat black. Tried to sand it off, the paint was still wet.

This spray paint is absolute trash, save yourself the time and effort to remove it. Get sonwthibg else.


Again Dont buy the valspar paint! Ended the same trouble as Sta1taz did. Dry paint after 2 weeks was still tacky.


I'm an artist and picked up spray painting as a medium. I loved the variety of colours of Valspar, never had a problem with it or the paint (besides that it wasn't very opaque) i HATE the new caps!!!

its harder to press down and you can't switch or clean caps. being in potsdam, its nearly impossible to get good paint. i would rather drive (and have many times) to Syracuse to get Montana spray paint.

Krylon changed their caps, now valspar, Rustolium (don't quit on me!) doesn't have much of a selection for color choice, but its good paint. get Montana- best paint I've ever used.


Same problem as everyone else the *** twist cap dripped and the paint does not seem to be drying. I don't know what the solvent base is but it has to be the most noxious I've ever used.


Came across this forum wondering if I was the only person having these problems with the Valspar "safety" cap. I only bought it because Lowes was out of black satin Rustoleum.

The Valspar cost more and spray was very uneven (yes, the can is VERY well shaken). I am painting a fairly large piece so it is quite obvious. Found the Rustoleum at another Lowes.

Still works like spray paint should. BTW, I haven't had much luck with Rustoleum's trigger-type spray cans either, much the same as the Valspar, and price is much higher than the plain ol' spray can.


The new Valspar spray can is arguably the worst every invented. The top is supposed to twist to lock or unlock, but the cap interferes with the paint coming out of the nozzle and quickly builds up inside the twist cap until it starts to spatter out the front, and drip down your hand.

This is a stunning statement about Valspar as a company. If they are willing to go to market with a spray can this poorly designed, why should I trust that the paint they put in the can is any better?


I agree. I will never buy this product again.

I spent more time trying to clean up the drips from the can than I did spraying. I ended up stripping some of my work so I could put a decent finish on.

This applies to the primer also. On the other hand, I switched to Rustoleum 2X and it worked very well and helped me salvage my project.


The design of the can is terrible. 3 of the 4 cans I purchased made a plastic rubbing sound everytime you squeezed the nozzle.

This made for very difficult spraying. I ended up using both thumbs to get the paint out. One can was good so I swapped tops, but that soon died half way through the second can.

My hands are covered in white paint, overspray was bad.

The most frustrating thing is you cant pull the top off and use it with a handle trigger.

I'm going back to Rustoleum Painters touch. Better paint, better can.


I had the exact same experience as Sta1taz. After 48 hours the Valspar spray paint was not dry. I too am now forced to use paint *** because the still tacky paint can't be sanded down.


I'm baffled by these comments. I just used Valspar spray paint primer and gloss for painting 40 rowing oars and the reslt was incredible.

The safety cap worked great on all the cans. I had no drips or paint issues at all.

To others who have had issues with this paint being tacky or not drying - be sure the humidity levels are below 50%. that is probably the cause of your problems.


I am so bummed. My daughter and I went to put in a new mailbox and painted the pole to match the mail box.

Pain was runny, coverage was horrible. I had to wait for days to sand, then respray. Let it sit overnight, then wrapped the bottom of the pole in a paper towel, to avoid concrete splatter. Set the pole this morning, installed the box and decorative ring tonight.

Went to remove the paper towel, and it's stuck to the paint! I am so ticked off right now.

Don;t know what to do, don't know how to un-embed the towel. This just sucks.


so Valspar paint from Lowe's is bad? so I guess if you buy it from Walmart, it'll be so much better?

uh, no. all I'm saying is don't blame a store for a product that's sold at many other stores.


The SmartCap worked great for me, but like yours did, it still is has a tacky feeling. The directions on the can said to wait 30 to 40 minutes for drying, but on the website for this product it says wait 1 hour before it can be handled and 36 hours before spraying a second coat if needed. WTF???


No paint is that bad. I'm betting that you didn't follow the directions.