Minneapolis, Minnesota
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I paint a lot, and am very careful in my prep work and application. I make sure surfaces are clean, painters tape is applied well, and use quality brushes and rollers.

We have always used Behr or Benjamin Moore in the past, and this was our first time using Valspar paint from Lowes.

This paint was thin and watery and left millions of air bubbles when applied with a roller. It also ran under the painter's tape like you would not believe, ruining previously painted walls.

Coverage is nowhere close to what is advertised on the can - so we had to buy more of this *** paint to get the coverage we needed.

I will stick to using Behr or Benjamin Moore in the future. Valspar paint is by far the worst painting experience I have had.

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Agreed, I will never buy valaspar again, the key word here is ***

never again!!!


So TV commercials arent always correct?