Quincy, Florida

I purchased valspar brilliant metal paint a lowes store I guess the lowes associate was not knowledgeable enough about the paint to tell me that paint required two steps and two different paint products what i have now is one mess they sold me the paint for the second step not the first the brilliant metal goes over the first step it is runny got all over the thousand of dollars of cabinets lowes of tallahassee fl just installed do not try that either takes for ever and they do not seem to care after they get your money after the paint fiasco i spent most of the night trying to remove the paint from the cabinets I will never set foot in another lowes store or purchase another valspar paint product.

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never assume unless you are perfect.


Sounds like you did not do "YOUR OWN RESEARCH" to learn how to properly "PAINT"! Did you ask questions about how to apply the paint, no you did not.

If you did then they would have either told you the proper way or guided you to where you would find assistance. Do not blame someone else for your carelessness.


sounds like the lowes associate that sold me the paint.


Can I assume you are not taking any responsibility for not bothering to read the instructions on the can?


Not sure why anyone would think some employee in Lowe's or any of the big box stores would actually know anything about paint. Best to go to a real paint store, one that only deals in and sells paint for a project like yours.

A good paint store will guide you and sell you exactly what you need. Hard lesson to learn.


thank you