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Valaspar is the worst paint in the world. The primer is now leaking through the paint.

How this is possible after the primer took over a week to dry is beyond me!! Takes forever to dry, and as the light blue paint dries, it looks like freckles. Their are tiny little blue specks that have appeared. I used the paint within minutes of buying it, and having Lowes mix it in their mixer.

It looks as though the color pigment does not mix well in the paint. I could not believe how many complaints are in the internet about Valspar paint. Learn and live.

I have not asked Lowes about it, but what do you want to bet, they will tell me, "Oh no, never heard one bad thing about it." Blow me!!! I have never written anything bad on this site, however, this really has me pissed.

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I am having problems with Valspar exterior semi gloss white paint yellow blotches everywhere will not wash off, horrible paint


We bought their ceiling paint. The stuff was so thin that took 6 coats to get any coverage. Never again will I pay $30 per can (took 3 cans to do 900 sq ft) for such *** paint!


I also have used this for a client & it is too runny. I told the client to buy Behr, May have to do three coats. I will stick with Behr paint from now on.


Sounds like latex paint with oil based pigment. Wrong mixture dude.


I have now broke down in tears over the smell that is so bad I can't even go in my beautiful Art studio. This can't be happing to me.

So please read my story and let me tell you what happened.

We built this studio with every thing new, New dry wall new floor just everything. And we painted it with Valspar signature paint. I have been painting interior and exterior for more the 40 years. So I do know what I am doing.

I should have just used Benjamin Moore paint. It has been over a year with this horrible smell!!!. So I hired two painters to but Zisser low Odor oil primer it did not work. then repainted with no VOC.

Still smell it right though. So I really needed to do a process of alimentation. I had my vinyl floor picked up and put down commercial tiles no it is not the floor. Then today we had pulled the wall air conditioner and heating unit cleaned and used bleach and coil cleaner.

It was not the air conditioner. Now it was time to put all my art chair my easel my frames everything I cleaned the studio of all dust this room is really cleaned. The bleach smell was getting to me but I did not care I just want to paint my art work so bad. The building is in my backyard with three Church windows from the 18 hundreds with window boxes flowers are now full and beautiful with a 5 ft Angel outside between the windows.

Painted the outside my self yellow. And everything an artist could ever want. But you know the sadist this I guess of all is I am disabled and I see my dream and I can't go in there. Today I cried so hard and gave it my all.

I hurt myself from lifting and all the things my Doctor dose not want me to do. I don't know what to do can someone help me?

but for sure it is Valspar that caused all this sadness.

Thank you for reading my story.


Up Date: On Valspar rotten paint. In my Art Studio.

Well all the sheet rock is down with the insulation and a new floor. I can't believe this is happing to me. Please don't waste your time with all the primers it will not work. I tried everything!!

I will Pray it never happens to anyone else.

Thank everyone!



So you're sure it was the paint? I just built a casita and have headaches, burning eyes, my hands shake when I'm in there. Any advise would be so sincerely appreciated before I rip it all out.


I have bought the signature paint when it was on sale with a rebate 2 times, and sent in the rebate receipts, and BOTH times I have received a letter stating that my submission was invalid.... Nonsense ....

I sent in the forms provided by valspar and receipts, everything as it specifies.....

letter stating it is invalid..... Will NEVER buy this paint brand again.


Paint is made in batches of THOUSANDS of gallons. You can not possibly have one bad can, and if all of the thousands of gallons were bad, there would be a recall.

This is user error, plain and simple.

There's a reason PROFESSIONAL painters exist. The average person doesn't know what they are doing.

@Come on

We have been painting for literally decades, from latex to acrylic to polyurathane to every other kind of paint one can use on surfaces. This type of problem often has NOTHING to do with whether the paint is put on by a professional or a newbie!

I know for a fact that, especially when a paint is mixed to match a color, there can be errors!

When a worker chooses the wrong kind of pigment additives, it can ruin a can of paint. Stop being so hateful when you obviously don't know what you're talking about!.


I currently have 3 gallons of Valspar "Signature" paint. Two of them are new, and are very runny.

They are TOO runny. I won't be buying this paint again. I bought the same paint back in 2011. I still had it.

It was not runny. I brought it in and showed them both versions. The Valspar representative happened to be there at the time. He said that the new paint was "better" than the old paint.

I pointed out that I found the new paint to be difficult to use because if I tipped the roller tray while I was working, the paint would slosh around and I ended up with the roller being loaded on just one edge.

I had more drips with this "new" paint than any other paint I have ever used.


Paint is not supposed to be milk consistency, but it's not supposed to be thick either. Do you know what consistency paint is supposed to be?

This just sounds like your expectations are out of line with what the product is designed to be.

Paint companies spend millions of dollars to formulate products that are the perfect consistency to get the best coverage and hide. Its not like two guys are making this stuff in their garage.

@Come on


@Come on

You sure seem to be working really hard to support Valspar on here... you have blamed people for not hiring professionals (which doesn't change the consistency or quality of paint, by the way) and have assumed people don't know what consistency paint should be (which, by the way, varies with how you are applying it, what type of paint it is, and what you are painting), and that's only one one page of these complaints.

Are you being paid to do this? Do you work for Valspar?


We bought a can of the best Valspar paint with primer at Lowe's. Upon using it, we noticed that it was very runny and did not cover.

When you put it on the brush or roller, it dripped all over the place. We have used Valspar paint before and never had a problem. I don't know if this was a bad batch or what but I will not be taking that chance again. Since Sherwin-Wms was closer, I made a quick trip there, bought their best paint and finished the job, painting over the mess that the Valspar paint made.

I don't what happened here but I'm a convert to the Sherwin-Wms paint.

They've really upped their game. Lowe's needs to change paint vendors.


I've been a professional painter for 20 years. The valspar signature eggshell gallon I recently used left thousands of tiny air bubbles in the finish. Completely unacceptable.


the WORST PAINT IN THE WORLD!! The fumes of the Valspar Premium with primer are not to be believed.

It smells toxic. The coverage is very poor and it dries terribly bad and not true to color. I want a refund of the over $100 spent on paint [eggshell] rollers, floor coverings, brushes, painters tape and my doctors visit.

I have been very light headed and my eyes are running and burning while and after using this paint. I just don't know what to do.

2 gals on a previously primed and painted wall :(


This too happened to me. I painted our bedroom and masterbath with Valspar .

I was so sick from the smell that I left the window open all night and slept downstairs.

The smell is still toxic this morning! Valspar paint is terrible...returning to Pittisburg series!


I painted the ceiling in the bathroom with Valspar white for bathrooms and kitchens. This paint seems to contain a 'perfume'. It doesn't bother me but it's definitely present. Coverage after two coats is kinda sketchy. I'll need to apply a third coat.

The consistency of the paint is sort of like half set custard. I assumed since it was so thick it would cover well. But it doesn't. The brilliant white even in a well mixed container seems to be granular and results in uneven coverage.

Usually I use Behr paint from Home Desperate. But they don't sell alkyd in small cans. I definitely don't need a gallon of paint for a small bathroom ceiling.

Para alkyd performs better than the Behr alkyd. It's really sticky compared to the Behr. The Behr is a thinner consistency and roller marks show even after three coats.


valspar premium paint covered old finish pretty good, However.....I can not get rid of its HORRIBLE SMELL!! It isn't just a new paint smell, it is a disgusting smell.

I will have to paint over it to remove oder....what a waste of time and money.