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I purchased valspar paint with mildew resistance from lowes for my bathroom. I would have done better using a hundred cans of spray paint.

3 weeks later and the paint still rubs off with the slightest touch. Now how do I correct that with out scraping all this paint off? If I paint over it the new paint will just rub off with it!

I never knew there could be such a crapy paint.

And to think that the little lady at the paint counter actually recommended it. I should have known something was wrong when the lower costing paint was only $3 cheaper.

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The most *** paint I ever used same thing happen to us the signature is a lot better


I have the same problem with Valspar. New walls primed with Killz in my new kitchen and the flipping paint is peeling everywhere it is rubbed against, taped for painting, etc.

the garbage peels right off. Neither Lowe's or Valspar wnat to deal with the issue


I only ever used quality paints but it was late one recent nite and I needed to get a job done so I bought some junk paint from lowes thinking its a flat latex on a spare room how bad can that be -- it sucked so bad I knew I would be heading to ben moore in the morning by the time I had cut in a few strokes -- DO NOT waste your time with junk paint! Just do the rite thing first.


Tried the Valspar paint at Lowe's because they had some real nice colors! After getting the walls ready for paint and put a few coats on, the paint is not sticking to the walls!

It peels off easily and I have never seen anything like this! Will not use this paint again!

A lot of work for bad results! They said the paint is guaranteed, we will see!


You sound like a very unhappy, sour, negative hole of a sad soul. And to think, you actually referred to someone as a "little lady".

Wow; there is a LOT wrong with you. Go fornicate yourself, oldie.



I fired 2 sets of painters because the work was horrible and they went through over 30 gallons of paint for 2000 sq feet. Well now im repainting with the same stuff and it sucks! I cant tell you how many layers are on the wall, I also got semi gloss for the kitchen cabinets and now they look as if they were left outside for days, Ive used every kind of brush, nap, roller, sponge all with the same results, I just want to cry looking at my cabinets, never again will I buy Valspar anything!


I used you duromax paint and it was horrible. I had the rep at my house and he even comp'd me 15 gals, to do it again with suggestions for a re-apply.

I just used it yesterday in cooler weather and IT'S BUBBLING AGAIN! I used your primer and it's still bubbling.

The white I used had NO problems. I waisted so much time and money using this product and will never use it again.


Ya we used Valspar in our bedroom. It was ***.

Chipped off so easily.

Redid it with cheaper paint and was so much better! lowes recommended Valspar to us as well.


I can understand being mad at Valspar but why Lowe's? oh wait, you people are more *** that think retail stores put brand names on products to make them look pretty.

but just to let your simple minds know, Valspar made your paint.

not Lowe's. are you gonna blame Walmart next when you buy a bag of Lay's chips and there's more air than chips?


You recommend garbage or sell garbage you are part of the problem. Think before you leave a comment.

Also neuter yourself please. The world has enough of people like you.


If the retailer sees that every review is one star, they should yank the product off the shelves!!


We prep for 3 days, a lot, and we did everything by the book, yet days later this VALSPAR latex paint peels off to the slightest touch! I am living without a bathroom for weeks due to this joke of a paint!

I will have to sue VALSPAR or LOWES or both because I paid $600 to the painter and I can't spend another $600 to repaint, so either VALSPAR or LOWES will have to pay the painter to strip all the valspar-garbage off the walls, prep again, and paint it with a REAL PAINT. Never buy VALSPAR ever again!


Oh boo freaking hoo.

What happened?

Let us know who won in court.

: )


Hi sadly Valspar has now reached the UK and is sold by B and Q one of the UK's largest hardware stores, just so you know the paint is just as usely here in Blighty too!


2nd Valspar issue: Their Ultra Premium Interior/Exterior High Bloss Enamal paint (Gloss white 222140) does not apply, cover or laydown like ANY paint I have ever used. If it is brushed, the heavier covered areas bubble right after application.

If it is rolled, the entire rolled surface bubbles as the roller passes. In order to get a decent surface, you have to roll your trim, doors, etc and then back brush the entire area in order to collapse all of the small bubbles. This occurs on pre-primed doors and trim and also surfaces that I have primed - both bare wood and pre-primed areas. I have used several different primers - inlcusive of Kilz and Valspar and get the same result.

The trim in the one room I painted before I figured this out looked terrible and I had to go back and sand. Still had plenty of paint left (bought several gallons) but should have trashed it and bought Sherwin Williams when on sale (Facebook) to cut my losses...

oh well, not going to happen in the next rooms I paint.... Won't go into how bad the ceiling paint is, but save yourself the trouble and get Sherwin Williams (other other brand) too.


First Valspar issue: My daughter wanted sand textured walls. I foolishly agreed and then more foolishly went to Lowes and bought Valspar paint.

NEVER use any kind of textured paint from ANYONE unless you are a Masochist! After the first coat, it looked horrible. There were dark bands everywhere I cut in trim with a brush. I put on another coat and it wasn't much better.

The use was about 2x what it said on the can and when I went to get more paint for the 3rd coat, the Lowes paint guy said, "yea, this stuff can be a real ***". After 3 coats, still looked like ***. In addition to the dark bands, the texture was uneven due to the "sand" clumping up in the brush and roller - making them unusable after just a few coatings. I called Lowes Corporate and talked to their VP of "Paint", who connected me with Valspar.

The Valspar rep came and looked at the job and agreed it wasn't good, so he got their painter to come and "fix" it. After 2 more coats (5 total), it still didn't look good. The painter said that the texture was actually black lava pumice and that when you brushed it on that the brushing action would expose the tops to the pumice and make the brushed on paint dark. I finally fixed it by applying a 6th coat, but this time regular latex paint with just the same tint (no texture).

This textured paint was about 2x the cost of regular paint, took 4x the amount based on suggested use, and will NEVER come off. The next people who own my house and want to get rid of the texture are going to have to remove the drywall.


We painted the lower half of our walls red. We did everything right by cleaning and prepping.

We bought the Valspar paint and primer in one. We did one coat and then just touch up spots where needed. It looks beautiful however now my carpet is pinkish red all over months later. I couldnt figure out where it was coming from.

I soon learned that it was coming from my sons hands. I have video as proof that just the slightest touch of the wall will turn your hands red. Now my brand new carpet is a mess and I cant get the red out.

I called the company and they offered to reimburse me for the paint but told me to scrub my carpet with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser...as if I havent already tried everything in my power to remove it. Someone needs to pay for the mess all over my home.


I purchased from Loewe's in Waveland, Mississippi, Valspar Duramax paint for my whole house. I have purchased about $1400 of this paint. On the exterior walls and the porch walls, the white satin finish paint has been reasonably good after one to two years of use. However, the paint for the porch which was satin dyed a light blue at Loewe's has broken out in a significant mildew. I had scraped the prior paint almost completely from boards that were about 120 years old. The ceiling did not have significant mildew or mold before it was scraped.

Although I can erase the mildew with bleach or even a 409 cleaner, I will have to clean the entire porch ceiling.

Please advise about whether you know about this mildew problem.

al ferry



I used Valspar on a new primed surface and it NEVER dried. Not after a full year. Had to strip it and redo it with another brand.


You didn't prep it should of used TSP to degrease the walls and than use a liquid sander or deglosser to degloss the walls than paint. Your paint is not sticking because you didn't degloss the paint that's already on the walls