First off, they didn"t properly mix the shade I wanted so I had to have them adjust it, which turned out worst. They started a new can and when I applied it to my wall , which I may add was a disaster, didn't go on good and then the color was not what I wanted.

I had to go out and buy another brand of paint. The sandstone paint is a mess and Lowe's doesn"t care that I'm out of 42.00 dollars. I hope Valspar cares and can reimburse me.

I will never use Valspar paint again ! Lowes couldn't even help to explain the procedure of applying this paint...

Monetary Loss: $42.

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Sandstone is a textured paint. The colors will vary because of the pitting in the texture.

You should've asked for instructions on applying the paint instead of being a rude ***. You might have gotten the color you wanted :)


Contact Valspar...they have really been pushing their product even giving away free cans. Let them know that Lowes did not mix the color properly.

They will reimburse you with another can of paint, whether you choose not to purchase their paint again. I wasn't happy with the coverage of the free can of Valspar paint and covered the table I painted with Glidden.


Why would Valspar be inclined to reimburse you? You have stated that you will never use their paint again.

They have nothing to lose by not helping you.

You obviously don't have experience in applying this paint and should have taken more time to learn before buying it. Sounds like Lowes already replaced the first can you bought...they tried...you just didn't understand what you were buying.


I have sandstone paint in my house and I love it!! I get a lot of compliments on it!

Of course it's going to be messy applying it anybody with a brain should realize this!

Lowes can't control that you ended up not liking something YOU bought! You sound like a real ***