Charlotte, North Carolina
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It runs, spots, dripped down my walls ON MY CARPET AND BASEBOARDS IM POSTING PICTURES it was horrible I paid so much money on cleaning products it got all over my brand new carpet (RUINED) PAID AMOST $3000.00 FOR MY HOUSE CARPET THROUGHOUGH OUT AND GOES TO OUR BEDROOM. UNBELEIVABLE A MESS IT LOOKS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!WE BEEN WORKING ON IT FOR DAYS wow I SEE I CAN ADD A PICTURE GREAT! the company is gonna give us only the price of one can of paint, this paint was expensive and we have painted our bedroom before with less expensive paint and it never did this.

Monetary Loss: $950.

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Used too much paint, YOU used a wrong roller, YOU did not use paint drop cloths, YOU do not know how to paint, YOU used paint/primer paint, YOU should of done research, and lastly, YOU should of hired someone who knew what they were doing. YOU should not point fingers.

It's like tell a child while YOU are pointing a finger, there are four pointing back at YOU.


Wow who are you.... Take the easy way out hire some one.....Lazy


All paint/primer are horrible. Never take the easy way out.

That extra step may be the most important...especially on a dark color like yours.

I have Valspar paint on every wall throughout my home with no problems, but we did use Kliz primer. Just did a lot of research first.


What another frivolous lawsuit. Pissed Consumer website is great one of the few website where we can exercise our First Amendment Rights


IF these lawsuits exist, please provide more details.


Do you realize that pissed consumer already has lawsuits against them?