Colorado Springs, Colorado

I purchased a four pack Dewalt cordless tool set back in April of 2012. recently one of my battery's quit working so I took it in to the Lowes in Colorado Springs Colorado on north Nevada.

They told me in order to warranty it I had to bring back the entire to a pack so a week later I went in which is now December 1st, 2013. the girl behind the customer service counter said she had to call for approval. As I was standing there with the receipt in my hand I started hearing a man yell "NO NO NO NO" "IM NOT DOING IT JUST TAKE IT BACK" at which point I have not yet explained the problem. So i asked why.

He said "aint my problem you call dewalt".

So afyer a good 30 minutes of going around with this guy asking questions another gentleman stepped in and made a phone call. Now I have to go back again

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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ha ha that is funny! "aint my problem you call dewalt"


He handled himself wrong, but just like it says in your book, do not return to the store. Your warranty with lowes is 90 days, take it up with the manufacturer after that like everyone one else has to.


would u like 19 months of consternation, angst and obfuscation trying to redress kitchen and bath remodel with lowe's masco and kraftmaid ? we prepaid the entire project and the installer (ryan ) said to us "if they (cabinets ) were his, he would not accept them !!!

moreover, lowe's will not give us a copy of our prepaid contract ( ours was inadvertenly thrown away during our move ) we have spent well over $50000 with lowe's we oun 4 homes no call backs once prepaid , lowe's ignores the customer!!! time to unite consumers!! we are their (lowe's et. al.

raison d1 etre ! past time they (et. al.) realize this !!! d.v.

mcaran at and 419 515 0169 please respond !! regard, denny


Sounds to me like you don't want to do what the manufacture wants which is contact them for warranty issues. It will say 1 of 2 things on every item you ever purchase.

If it's a store exclusive it will tell you to bring it back to the store, however, if it's a manufacture not associated with the store it will tell you to contact the manufacture and not to bring it to the store.....

I just purchased an item yesterday and it said it had a lifetime warranty. It then said to contact the manufacture by calling this 1-800 number if you ever have a claim....