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I just learned of.this intrusive and vulnerable military only database that lowes has cmisioned yp a THIRD party vendor. Frighteneing and a real twist of "thank you for ypur service".

The state rviewed my documents and placed the "V" on my drives license, Department of Defense provided me with an identifaction card, and at lowe's for a 10% discount, i must allow.the for money corporatiom to store my information even a do not call phone alomg with ALL veterans in a military consumer databse. ENOUGH!!!! I have seen the horrors of sercing after 9-11. I am one of many inVESTED Americans.

I wanted to shop and thought 10% was good. Well, freedom cost much more than the corporate marketing machine willl ever honor. I want my Freedom from databases that can and will be hacked by ISIS. I urge other military to either boycott the company or stop giving your.informtion for 10%.

This idea has horrible consequences for many veterans! I will never shoo at another Lowes and vow to ignite others to this unsafe and compromising "shiny penny" veteran marketing trap.

Freedom is NOT free. As VESTED American, I will go to companies that truly appreciate that fact.

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You should appreciate the fact that they even offer to give you a discount. There are a lot of other deserving people out there that are just as deserving of a discount and they don't get one.

You don't hear them crying about it do you?

If you don't like the system they have in place, you don't have to accept the discount. Of course you'll say you'll you will go elsewhere but we all know that the other stores that offer a discount have their policies as well.


It's a privilege, not something that's owed to you. You were payed for your service.

Everything beyond that is a benefit. Register for it and stop whining, snowflake.


a kindergartner could write a more legible review