1106 North St Augustine Road, Valdosta, GA 31601, USA
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LOWES CRUMMY SERVICE!!! Does Lowes think somebody is stupid!!!!

My name is Reuben Lee. My account number is 81924114850902. My phone number is 347-806-1221. On 11/14, Lowes dropped off the cabinets we purchased.

On 11/16, Lowes begin installing the cabinets. Now, they were supposed to come back out and do the electrical outlet work and put on the knobs to the shelves we purchased from Lowes. Today is Friday 12/1/17. We haven't heard from nobody.

I talked to Derek Edwards out of your corporate office in North Carolina. He told he's looking for electricians...I talked to Coy, who dispatches the contractors. He was supposed to get back to us. NOTHING!

This merchandise was purchased out of your Valdosta, GA store. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE ON ALL LEVELS!!! I am in the Transportation / Installation business. It is Friday 12/1/17 @ 9:54 am.

The 1st payment is due 12/5. If this is not resolved today completely to my satisfaction, YOU CAN COME PICK UP YOUR MERCHANDISE & I WILL GO TO HOME DEPOT!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cabinet Installation.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Lowes Cons: Crummy service all around.

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I don't know about Lowes thinking you're stupid but I have to question a person that would post their name, account number and phone number on the internet. I wonder who will be responsible for charges to your account since you posted all this information for everyone to see.


Well Lowe's isn't thinking about you at all but I definitely think you're stupid.


Well... It is not very smart to post your personal and CC information on a public website.