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the following is the whole nightmare i have to deal with lowes written in a feedback i left for them in thier website:

the lowes in rockledge FL. has very poor customer service. i called a couple of times inquiring if the store accepts 20% off coupons ladies in customer service i talked to said yes a number of times since i was asking the same question every time i called just to make sure but when i got to the store to purchase, manager says they dont accept it.

next, we bought these fancy crown moulding with the matching corner pieces that they didnt have enough of so they told us to drive to another store which is 17 mi or so from where we live because that said store have a couple of pieces in stock .we drove up to that store in titusville but when we got there they didnt have any at all!!! so we wasted all this gas , time and the thought that we are finally going to finish our project .

we waited a couple of days and stopped from going to any lowes because i was tired of dealing with the same incompetent *** u have for employees and let some steam off. and decided to do the shopping myself called every lowes in the area and finally got what we need.as far as im concerned with that very bad service i experienced my husband and i are gonna start shopping somewhere else where service might not be perfect but atleast not as bad as yours and family members and friends will definitely hear the whole story as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Saterday morning standing in lowes waiting to check out. It gets old very quick.


I'am a Lowe's manager and any store in the country would accept a valid coupon. Stop your scamming and be a good person, unless you want to burn in *** which would bother me either.

Yours truly


My question is have you ever heard of Grammar? Or how about Capitalization??

It all reads like one long sentence and makes you sound unintelligent, and thus not taken seriously. Why are you calling the store more than once? If you have a question, call and get a name.

Lowe's accepts coupons that are VALID. I hate *** people, unfortunately I see a lot of them...




I am a manager at lowes and I have never turned down a legitimate coupon price match nor have I ever known of another manager denying a competitor match. Unless there was some other discount involved also.

In which case it would be denied because that is double discounting. The competitor would not honor that either. Most coupons read not to be used in conjunction with any other discounts or coupons. Also, when we check other stores inventories, the numbers we get are "at close of business the day before".

Not that day. Since you like calling Lowes so much, maybe you should have called them and saved some gas.


I am a former employee of Lowe's, and customer service can vary person to person and store to store, however I know if you had brought in an actual non expired coupon, the manager would always accept it. Furthermore, the fact that you had to go all over town looking for what you needed it is a fact of life.

We keep the stores stocked as much as possible, but it can be difficult to meet customer demand every second of every day.

So if we are out of stock of an item it may just be that you have to wait a day or two until we get more. I don't come to your job and complain to you, but then again I normally don't eat at McDonald's.


Lady get a life. The coupons are fake and you need to get a hobby instead of bothering hard working people. OR maybe a job.


Strange how you don't say where you got the coupon, could it because you know they are FAKE home depot coupons that everyone sells on the net and trys to get Lowes to accept as a competitor match since they wont accept them at Depot. Nice try scammer.


I agree with 2 ?. most Managers would agree to give the discount if you had a name of employee.

And why would you keep calling Lowe's stores and not try somewhere else. And yeah why would you call the same store to see if they would accpt discount so many times?


1 - Why would you spend all that time calling the stores to get 20% of molding?

2- If the store said yes to the 20% coupon over the phone, why would you keep calling and asking?

Something isn't adding up here.