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I contracted with a paint contractor to have my kitchen cabinets painted, with all new hardware. I was to buy the materials.

So I went to Lowe's and talked to an elderly lady in the painting dept at my Portage Lowes and told her specifically what I wanted to do. She suggested I use Valspar cabinet paint and I could have it in any color. $50/gal. I said okay.

She said you will also need Kilz low odor as a primer and these special cabinet rollers. She added you could really do this yourself. I said no because I wanted new hardware and didn't want the job of re-hanging the cabinet doors. She told me the paint was "self-leveling" and she would love to see pictures of before and after.

Well we are now 3 weeks in to this disaster. The rollers caused little bubbles. The primer product has no "binding" properties so the paint is not staying on the cabinets. It rubs off at the least little contact.

Sanded redone and still is awful. I am out all the money for the paint, and supplies plus the $1,000 for the painting itself. I have never been so disgusted with advice from someone who should know the product. The contractor said "We did the best we could but this is an inferior product and the primer has no binding properties in it.

I think Lowes needs to refund my money from the paint and materials. Check my records I have spent thousands of dollars in your store in the last 4 years.

YOU LOST A CUSTOMER. and my granddaughter works for Lowes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cabinet Painting.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Nope. The paint really is that bad.

The primer too. But what did you expect the poor woman to tell you? She gets paid for selling the products she has! She has no say in what products Lowe's sells.

So of course she is going to tell you that Valspar is the best paint! If she didn't she would be fired! This is why it is such a shame that all of the locally owned, independent paint stores are being forced out of business!

They are the only paint stores that can pick and choose the best paints they can find. The only stores that can be honest about the quality they sell and not just sell you what they have.


My guess is there may be more to the story than is being told. It is rare that a real paint contractor would have his customer go out and buy the paint.

They wouldn't want to be accused of poor work because the wrong paint or primer were used. He obviously didn't question your choice before using what you provided. The big question is how he cleaned and prepared the cabinets for painting. It's not uncommon for cooking oils and grease to get in the air when frying and cooking and settle on the cabinets.

If the cabinets weren't thoroughly cleaned before the painting process started it is easy to see why the paint is coming off. I'd question your contractors work before I questioned the paint.