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I contracted with the LOWES in Somerset Pa. The contract was to install laminate flooring in several rooms in my vacant house.

This contract was in late August 2015. The installer did not install until late October of that year. He supposedly considered himself one of the best!!! I could not be there to observe.

I had to return to business & to sell my house in Florida. The installer was instructed to cut the laminate flooring outside on the deck. The installer took advantage of this situation and did what he pleased. The result of this installation was a mess.

He concealed the sawdust & did not prepare the flooring properly by cleaning it. He installed the laminate flooring on top of the debris & Lowes did not send anyone to check the work. However, no one could possibly know what he did unless someone was observing. I was not able to move into my house until March 3, 2017.

As soon as my wife and myself moved in we noticed a separation in the laminate flooring and sawdust coming up all over. We immediately contacted the representative who sold us this flooring. He witnessed the problem and took photos of this problem. The separation of the flooring was reluctantly repaired by the same installer, nothing was done about the sawdust.

We thought that in time this problem would resolve itself. No such thing. We have been cleaning sawdust everyday that comes up from these boards at least twice a day!! We finally complained to Lowes in December 2017.

They sent a contractor to assess the situation and it was concluded there is a mess underneath. Subsequently, Lowes from it's Central Production Office in Indiana has refused or denied my claim on the grounds there was only a one year warranty on labor. They are not even willing to negotiate to resolve this problem. They are in the wrong!

I could not have know about this sawdust until we moved into the house. There is a discovery and concealment issue on the part of the installer. Lowes is not willing to pursue the issue with the installer and Lowes does not even contract with him anymore. My contract with Lowes was to have a quality workmanship and not the disaster we are encountering.

After being a long consumer with Lowes and spending a lot money I will not ever again spend a dime with them again. If it warrants I will pursue this in a court of law, win, lose or draw.

The only thing we wanted from Lowes was to correct this problem by removing the laminate and cleaning the mess underneath. Lowes guide yourself accordingly !!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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